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26-05-2014Payment of arrears of Dearness Relief to the Pensioners
26-05-2014HBA - Online Registration-Instructions issued
26-05-2014 Kerala Co-Operative Employe's Board - Application for cash award
26-05-2014 Noon Feeding 2014-15 - General Instructions
24-05-2014 Road Safety Club Activities - Regarding
22-05-2014 World Environment Day Observation - Regarding
22-05-2014NMMS 2014 -15 - Circular - Results
22-05-2014TC/School Promotion/Admission - not mandatory through sampoorna till internet facility is available - Circular
22-05-2014Instructions for ensuring safety of child - based on Master Shefeiq Committee Report
20-05-2014Staff Fixation 2013 -14
Letter to all educational officers - List of schools
20-05-2014School Code Unification - Govt. Order
17-05-2014Staff fixation 2013-14 - Schoolwise report
17-05-2014ICT Award for teachers -2014
Notifications | Application form
17-05-2014Departmental promotion committe(lower)-2014 -Details of Departmental test qualifications for HSA/HSSTs
Letter 1 | Letter 2
14-05-2014KGTE Exam Hallticket published : Click Here to Download
14-05-2014Diploma Examination in Language Educations (Arabic/Urdu) March 2014 Result
09-05-2014Aided School Appointment : Right of 51A Claimants
09-05-2014Measures for Revenue Augmentation-Committee Constituted
09-05-2014New Bill format(TR 59A) Introduced
09-05-2014DPI Circular to various Educational Agencies
Training details should enter into the Training Management portal
09-05-2014Amount of New Text books in STD 1, 3, 5 and 7
09-05-2014List of Selected Students under the INSPIRE Award Scheme for the Year 2013-14
07-05-2014LWA vacancies should be filled from Teacher's bank only - orders issed
05-05-2014Staff Fixation 2013 -14 - Directions :
1. Letter to all AEOs/DEOs/DDEs
2. Staff Fixation - Proceedings (4 Pages)
3. Proforma for reporting additional Divisions/Posts
05-05-2014G.O regarding Appointment of Specialist Teacher
05-05-2014LWA for B.Ed Training -Sanctioning the benefit of third proviso to Rule 33(b)(2) Part I, KSRs
02-05-2014Friday Last Period : Extra curricular activity for students
30-04-2014Private Study of Unaided students
30-04-2014Application for the post of Resource teacher under IEDSS 2014-15
29-04-2014SAMPOORNA - Circular dt. 25.4.14
28-04-2014Some useful Government Orders/Circulars for NCC ANOs (Special Thanks to Rajeev Joseph, English Blog)
28-04-2014ANOs are exempted from giving toll on National High Ways (Special Thanks to Rajeev Joseph, English Blog)
28-04-2014Canteen Facility for ANOs and Cadets (Special Thanks to Rajeev Joseph, English Blog)
26-04-2014SAY EXAMINATION 2014
SSLC 2014 SAY : Notification : Application Form
THSLC 2014 SAY : Notification : Application Form
AHSLC 2014 SAY : Notification : Application Form
THSLC(HI) 2014 SAY : Notification : Application Form
26-04-2014SSLC2014 : Online Registration for Scrutiny/Photocopy/Revaluation of the Answer Script : Circular
26-04-2014SSLC (HEARING IMPAIRED) : Application for Scrutiny/Photocopy/Revaluation of the Answer Script
26-04-2014AHSLC/THSLC EXAMINATION 2014 : Application for Scrutiny/Photocopy/Revaluation of the Answer Script
24-04-2014SSLC EXAMINATION 2014 - Revaluation - Circular
24-04-2014Implementation of e-submission of Spark Bills - Whole of Kerala
24-04-2014Loans and Advances - Recovery during April - Postponed
23-04-2014Additional Skill acquisition programme
Notification | School List

16-04-2014OBC Pre-Matric : Beneficiary List announced
12-04-2014Inter District Transfer 2014-15 - Instructions - Cir. Dt. 04/04/2014
11-04-2014Minority Pre-Matric - Correction in Student Details - Regarding
10-04-2014Text Book Indent (Warning from DPI)
05-04-2014Text Book Indent of Un-Aided Schools - Regarding
04-04-2014Inspire Award - DM-Letter - School Authority User Manual
04-04-2014E-Management of Inspire Award Scheme (E-Mias) - Regarding
04-04-2014NuMats - Result 2014
03-04-2014Clarification on the salary benefits for the Special Recruitment teachers in training period
03-04-2014Student Police Cadet : School Level Non-Residential Summer Camp
03-04-2014Student Police Cadet : Insignia for CPOs
22-03-2014Introduction of new TR 46 Bill form for drawing the salary claims of Self Drawing officers - G.O.(P)No.76/2014/Fin Dt. 21/02/2014
20-03-2014Text Book Indent 2014 -15 - Action against HMs who failed to place indent
20-03-2014Staff Fixation 2013-14 - Clarification
Proforma 1 - Proforma 2
20-03-2014Circulars reg. HM/AEO Online transfer
Circular 1
- Circular 2
16-03-2014Updation of data of employees in SPARK application - Time limit fixed direcrions Issued
16-03-2014Online submission of Salary Bills -Instructions issued
16-03-2014Online General Transfer- Primary/HS/PD Teachers Reg.
15-03-2014SPARK : E- Submission of Salary Bills SDO's - DDO's
12-03-2014Directions on conducting study tours
11-03-2014Income Tax Statements: No fee for late filing up to 31-3-2014
10-03-2014Text Book Distribution - Online Indent Submission - Regarding
10-03-2014Lump sum grant Distribution - Ernakulam Dist
06-03-2014SSLC Exam Manager(for windows)
06-03-2014SSLC 2014 - CWSN - Circular - DEO wise list - List II
06-03-2014SSLC 2014 - Grace Mark Entry - Circular - Eligibility
06-03-2014Staff Fixation 2014
06-03-2014The due dates for filing IT statements for the 2nd quarter 2012-13 to the third quarter 2013-14 are extended to 31-3-2014 - Circular
04-03-2014Nirbhaya - English - Malayalam
04-03-2014Exemption of Malayalam Language to Non Malayalam Medium Schools
28-02-2014Annual Exam Time Table 2014 :
HS Section (Revised) | HS Attached LP, UP (Revised) | LP & UP | Muslim School | Circular
28-02-2014Staff Details in Schools - Circular - Website
28-02-2014Staff Fixation 2013-14 - Interim order to resume the staff fixation - Lr.No.H2/29303/13/DPI Dt. 26/02/2014
28-02-2014General Education Department- Reporting anticipated vacancies to Kerala Public Service Commission- reg. Cir.No.11185/J2/14/Gl.Edn. Dt.22/02/2014
27-02-2014GPF to those coming under NPS - Clarification
Application Form - Website
26-02-2014Protection of Children from Sexual Offences - Made Simple
26-02-2014Protection of Child Rights :
Text Book Cover Page - Pamphlet - Website
26-02-2014Procedure for admission in Unaided and Specified category schools :
Guidelines - Clarification in provisions - Gazette - Website
26-02-2014STOP Violence against children - Resource Material for Teachers
25-02-2014Tubacco Free Educational Institutions :
Circular - Report Regarding
25-02-2014Salary of Self Drawing Officers- New TR 46 Bill form - Introduced G.O.(P)No.76/2014/Fin Dt. 21/02/2014
23-02-2014Noon Meal - Contigency - Allowing Fund - Regarding
23-02-2014SPQUEM(Scheme for providing quality education in Madrassas) - Notification - Application Form
22-03-2014Introduction of new TR 46 Bill form for drawing the salary claims of Self Drawing officers - G.O.(P)No.76/2014/Fin Dt. 21/02/2014
20-03-2014Text Book Indent 2014 -15 - Action against HMs who failed to place indent
20-03-2014Staff Fixation 2013-14 - Clarification
Proforma 1 - Proforma 2
20-03-2014Circulars reg. HM/AEO Online transfer
Circular 1
- Circular 2
16-03-2014Updation of data of employees in SPARK application - Time limit fixed direcrions Issued
16-03-2014Online submission of Salary Bills -Instructions issued
16-03-2014Online General Transfer- Primary/HS/PD Teachers Reg.
15-03-2014SPARK : E- Submission of Salary Bills SDO's - DDO's
12-03-2014Directions on conducting study tours
11-03-2014Income Tax Statements: No fee for late filing up to 31-3-2014
10-03-2014Text Book Distribution - Online Indent Submission - Regarding
10-03-2014Lump sum grant Distribution - Ernakulam Dist
06-03-2014SSLC Exam Manager(for windows)
06-03-2014SSLC 2014 - CWSN - Circular - DEO wise list - List II
06-03-2014SSLC 2014 - Grace Mark Entry - Circular - Eligibility
06-03-2014Staff Fixation 2014
06-03-2014The due dates for filing IT statements for the 2nd quarter 2012-13 to the third quarter 2013-14 are extended to 31-3-2014 - Circular
04-03-2014Nirbhaya - English - Malayalam
04-03-2014Exemption of Malayalam Language to Non Malayalam Medium Schools
28-02-2014Annual Exam Time Table 2014 :
HS Section (Revised) | HS Attached LP, UP (Revised) | LP & UP | Muslim School | Circular
28-02-2014Staff Details in Schools - Circular - Website
28-02-2014Staff Fixation 2013-14 - Interim order to resume the staff fixation - Lr.No.H2/29303/13/DPI Dt. 26/02/2014
28-02-2014General Education Department- Reporting anticipated vacancies to Kerala Public Service Commission- reg. Cir.No.11185/J2/14/Gl.Edn. Dt.22/02/2014
27-02-2014GPF to those coming under NPS - Clarification
Application Form - Website
26-02-2014Protection of Children from Sexual Offences - Made Simple
26-02-2014Protection of Child Rights :
Text Book Cover Page - Pamphlet - Website
26-02-2014Procedure for admission in Unaided and Specified category schools :
Guidelines - Clarification in provisions - Gazette - Website
26-02-2014STOP Violence against children - Resource Material for Teachers
25-02-2014Tubacco Free Educational Institutions :
Circular - Report Regarding
25-02-2014Salary of Self Drawing Officers- New TR 46 Bill form - Introduced G.O.(P)No.76/2014/Fin Dt. 21/02/2014
23-02-2014Noon Meal - Contigency - Allowing Fund - Regarding
23-02-2014SPQUEM(Scheme for providing quality education in Madrassas) - Notification - Application Form
21-02-2014SSLC 2014 - Notification : Malayalam - English
21-02-2014IT Exam - Std 8, 9 Circular
21-02-2014Promotion of Clerks as Senior Clerks (2006-09)- Order No. C5/5/2014/DPI Dt.20/02/2014
21-02-2014KTET Duplicate Certificate - Fee rate and Application form - Order G.O.(MS)No.410/2014/G.Edn Dt. 27/01/2014
18-02-2014Transfer & postings of officers in the cadre of Heads of departmental High schools/AEO/TTIs and equated categories
Order D5/905/2013/DPI dated 15.2.2014
Order D5/905/2013/DPI(1) dated 15.2.2014
Order D5/905/2013/DPI(2) dated 15.2.2014
16-02-2014G.O. - Higher Secondary Education - LWA granted for B.Ed Training
14-02-2014Child Line posters in Classroom -Regarding
14-02-2014IT Exam : Latest Circular
13-02-201425th FEB Last date for UID
12-02-2014Probability of Sunstroke and Sunburn in light of increasing incoming solar radiation-reg.
12-02-2014MDM-instructions for hiring vehicle for the inspection of mid-day meal scheme
12-02-2014Latest Circular about School uniform
12-02-2014Sports School admission for students from STD VIII
12-02-2014SPC Circular Local Self Govt can allot fund for SPC School Unit
12-02-2014SSLC IT Practical Examination Circular 2014
11-02-2014 Online submission of Salary Bills - Ernakulam District - Instructions to DDO and SDOs
10-02-2014 UPDATED Easy IT Calculator - Ubuntu based by Baburaj Sir
03-02-2014Calc n Print EC Tax 2014 -Income Tax Calculator(Ubuntu Based) by Sri.NPK Das Malappuram
05-02-2014 LSS USS Exams 2014 - Instructions on conducting exams Cir.Dt. 05/02/2014
05-02-2014National Pension Scheme : Guidelines
05-02-2014Instruction regarding School Society Regn.
04-02-2014Circular About SSLC CE Mark uploading
04-02-2014Circular About SSLC IT Examination 2014
02-02-2014EC Tax 2014 - Excel based Income Tax Calculator
Prepared by Sri.Sudheerkumar T.K
02-02-2014EC Tax 2014 - Excel based Income Tax Calculator
Prepared by Sri.Babu Vadakkumchery
02-02-2014EC Tax 2014 - Excel based Income Tax Calculator
Prepared by Sri.Abdul Rahiman
01-02-2014Creamy layer for Other Backward Communities - Income Limit raised to six lakh G.O.(MS)No.5/2014/BCDD - Dt. 31/01/2014
01-02-2014Inter District Transfer on Compassionate Ground - Applications invited - Lr. Dt. 29/01/2014
01-02-2014Installing Bio-Gas Plants in schools - Circular Dt. 25/01/2014
01-02-2014Appointment in Govt /Aided Service other than through PSC - Production of ID Card insisting reg - Cir.No.12521/AVC VI(3)/13/P &ARD Dt. 26/07/2013
01-02-2014Text Book Distribution 2014-15 - Software Updation - Uploading school details under each School Society- Cir.No. Dt. 30/01/2014
30-01-2014Martyrs Day - 30/1/2014 - Observing one minute silence- Cir. Dt. 01/01/2014
30-01-2014SC/ST Persons in service - Temporary Exemption from passing Special or Departmental Tests- Period of exemption extended G.O.(P)No.4/2014/P&ARD - Dt. 21/01/2014
30-01-2014Higher Secondary - Application for Duplicate Certificates - Fee rate - Clarification - Cir.Dt. 15/01/2014
30-01-2014Higher Secondary Education - Fee for Certificate Verification - Orders issued - G.O.(MS)No.318/2013/G.Edn Dt. 06/12/2013
30-01-2014Scout and Guide activities extended to Higher Secondary - Orders Issued - G.O.(MS)No.14/2014/G.Edn Dt. 15/01/2014
28-01-2014Promotion ,Transfer and Postings of officers in the cadre of DDE and DEOs
22-01-2014എറണാകുളം ജില്ലാ പഞ്ചായത്ത് - ഡിജിറ്റല്‍ ക്ലാസ്സ് റൂം സമ്മതപത്രം
22-01-2014CR to HSS Directorate - "Better late than Never"
22-01-2014RMSA- Formation of SMDC in Govt Secondary Schools
22-01-2014Socio - Ecnomic - Caste Survey - Clarification on Surrender Benefits
20-01-2014OBC - Pre-Matric Scholarship 2013-14 Circular - Advertisement - Application Form - Apply Online
20-01-2014SEBC Reservation for Professional courses- Income limit enhanced to Rs. 6 lakhs- G.O.(MS)No.3/2014/BCDD Dt. 09/01/2014
18-01-2014School Mid-Day Meal - Rules and Regulations under Food Safety and Standards Act
18-01-2014SSLC Model Examination - 2014 - Time Table
18-01-2014Guidelines for Mid-Day Meal Scheme
18-01-2014Guidelines for Mid-Day Meal Scheme
18-01-2014Application for Registraion/Removal of registraion under Food safety and Standards Act
18-01-2014Performa For Medical Fitness Certificate For Food Handlers
18-01-2014Wiki Library Digitalisation Project - Circular
17-01-2014LSS USS Exam 2014 - Change in Time Table - Cir. Dt. 16/01/2014
17-01-2014SSLC Model IT Exam Circular
16-01-2014LSS/USS Notification, Activity Calender and Portfolio
16-01-2014അഖിലകേരള കഥാരചനാ മത്സരം - കുട്ടികള്‍ക്ക്
16-01-2014DPI Circular : HMs should ensure the authenticity of the documents which produced for Scholarships
16-01-2014DPI Circular : To Complete the School level distribution of OBC Prematric Scholarship for 2012-2013
15-01-2014RMSA -Selection for the post of career Guidance Co-ordinator : Notification - Application Form
15-01-2014Lost School days. – Suggestions to Teachers Union
15-01-2014IT@School moves to Higher Secondary Schools- Approach paper placed before curriculum committee.
10-01-2014Kerala Engineering Agriculture Medical Entrance Examination 2014- Online Application KEAM 2014 : Pre-requisites | Photo guidelines | How to Apply | Prospectus | Notification | List of Post Offices | Reasons for Rejection | FAQ | Help Desk
09-01-2014NPS_Details to be furnished to treasury
08-01-2014SSLC -2014 Circular for Examinership
07-01-2014Uniform Distribution 2013-14 - Circular from DPI
06-01-2014Instruction & Participant list for Southern India Science Fair - 2014
01-01-2014Applications are invited from teacher to act as Master Trainers in English - Terms and Conditions | Application Form
01-01-2014DPI Circular about Income Tax (TDS Recovery from Salary)
01-01-2014DPI Circular about Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education Scholarship
01-01-2014DPI Letter about Work Experience Education and Production

31-12-2013Maternity leave - Transfer during leave - Clarification Dt. 24/12/2013
30-12-2013GPF/KASEPF Enhancement of Loan limit reg
30-12-2013SAMPOORNA - Ultimatum
28-12-2013Ernakulam District Kalolsavam 2013-2014
26-12-2013Free Uniform Supply Circular | Specifications | Instructions | Calculation for AEO Colour Codes | Uniform Codes | Schools and No. of Students Test Reports of Textile Committee - 1 | 2 | 3
26-12-2013Appointment of Data Entry Operator - Revised Circular
24-12-2013Dearness Allowance - Rates revised from 1/7/2013 G.O.(P)No.630/2013/Fin Dt. 23/12/2013
24-12-2013D.A.Arrear Drawal - General guidelines in view of Contributory Pension Scheme - G.O.(P)No.629/2013/Fin Dt. 23/12/2013
24-12-2013Submitting confidential reports - Regarding
24-12-2013VICTERS channel for selected schools-directions
22-12-2013Departmental Tests - Notification with Timetable
19-12-2013USS - Arabic Portfolio
19-12-2013Vidyarangam State Kalolsavam - Brochure
19-12-2013New DEO offices/Higher Secondary Offices - Redeployment of officers D4/58269/DPI Dt. 10/12/2013
17-12-2013State Level C.V.Raman Essay Writing Competition 2013 -14 -Result
17-12-2013State Level Science Investigatory Project Competition 2013 -14 Result
13-12-2013Clarification - Pooling of Specialist Teachers
12-12-2013Finance Dept. Clarification on Modification of Scale of Pay
12-12-2013UID based Staff fixation process for 2013-14- Order freezed
11-12-2013Early disbursment of 25% Pay and allowances Order
11-12-2013Restriction on deputation and appointments in long leave vacancies
10-12-2013Human Rights Day - Circular and Pledge
10-12-2013Free Uniform 2013-14 - Instructions
10-12-2013Second Terminal Exam - Change in Time Table
08-12-2013Govt. Clarification on Passing of Dep. Test and excemption for promotion as HM
06-12-2013Govt. Clarification on Re-option
06-12-2013Spark - Discontinuation of countersignature on bills of Aided Primary and High Schools - Further instructions - Circular
06-12-2013New Pension Scheme - Updation in Spark reg.
03-12-2013LSS / USS Instruction regarding Online Data
03-12-2013Staff Fixation
03-12-2013Letter to all HMs / Pricipals from Transport Commissionnaire
02-12-2013Pay Commission Formation GO
28-11-2013SSLC 2014 forms to download A List | B list | Other forms
28-11-2013LSS - USS EXAMINATION 2013 : Notification | Video Conference for Educational officers
28-11-2013Nursery Teachers Examination MARCH 2014 : Notification | Press Release
28-11-2013STD Xth Equivalency Revaluation Result New Scheme | Old Scheme
28-11-2013Mattanchery Subdistrict Kalolsavam - Program Notice
27-11-2013SSLC 2014 Candidate Detials Correction Circular
27-11-2013Vypin Subdistrict Kalolsavam - Program Notice
27-11-2013Sulthan batheri Sub-dist. kalolsavam : program
24-11-2013Kerala School Sports 2013-2014 Results - School wise points - Order of Events
24-11-2013Second Term Exam Time Table: High School | LP/UP
24-11-2013National Teachers award 2013-14 Guidelines - Notification - Proforma -1 - Proforma - 2
22-11-2013KASTURIRANGAN REPORT (KERALA) : An Overview Part 1 | Part 2
22-11-2013Aided school bills without counter signature - Orders issued
20-11-2013Atrocities against Children - Committee Report
19-11-2013Dearness allowance arrears-Crediting to Provident Fund Accounts-Time limit extended
18-11-2013Science Fair - 2013 - Order of Events
16-11-2013Cluster Training on Nov 16 - Attendence Compulsory
16-11-2013Practical Nutritional Awareness Training to School Teachers - Regarding
16-11-2013SSLC-2014 - Submission of Application for CWSN - Regarding
13-11-2013GPAI Scheme - Renewal for the year 2014
13-11-2013K-TET-2013 Result Published
13-11-2013SSLC 2014 - Application for Supervision Gulf Region - Lakshadweep
13-11-2013SSLC - 2014 - A-List Correction - Circular
08-11-2013ICT Hardware Distribution Schedule
08-11-2013Reallocation of ministerial staffs in Education Dept
08-11-2013Celebration of National Education Day on Nov 11
07-11-2013Ernakulam Dist. Sasthrolsavam : IT Fair | Maths | Science | Wex | Social | Id Card
06-11-2013D.Ed - Instructions - Guidelines - Sample Question Papers - 1 - 2
06-11-2013Eusure Safety and hygiene of MDM to Schools - Guidelines issued - Permission to hire vehicle for monitoring
05-11-2013Trissur Dist. IT Fair schedule
05-11-2013Scholarship for the children of school teachers - Notification
05-11-2013SLI- Revised Table
04-11-2013Digital Signature User Manual
04-11-2013Nov -14 Children’s Day – Circular & Pledge
31-10-2013മലയാള ഭാഷാദിന പ്രതിജ്ഞ നവംബര്‍ ൧:
31-10-2013N Paravur, Ernakulam : Program Notice - sasthrolsavam
30-10-2013Maintanence grant to Aided Schools - Revision in the rates - orders issued
30-10-2013An informative Circular from KASEPF, Kannur
30-10-2013Special hardware Clinic - it@school
30-10-2013I.T Mela 2013 - regarding
30-10-2013Observance of Oct 31 as National Re-Dedication Day - regarding
30-10-2013Exam Analysis - LSS - USS
29-10-2013Including UID Details of students online - Directions
29-10-2013Bank TSB Account Details & Proforma
29-10-2013Permission to show film about Ayyankali in Schools
29-10-2013Leave Benefit to part time teachers - Modified
29-10-2013Appointment of independent head teachers in LP, UP Schools
29-10-2013Appointment of independent head teachers in LP, UP Schools
29-10-2013X'Mas Talent Test by Mother Teresa Memorial Trust
29-10-2013Painting competition on energy conservation
29-10-2013ICT Training for primary teachers - Directions
28-10-2013Teacher Appointment - K-TET - Qualification Exemption extended to 2013-14 also - G.O.(P)No.284/13/G.Edn Dt. 24/10/2013
24-10-201316th State Special School Kalolsavam 2013 -14
24-10-2013Departmental Test (Jan-2014) - Notification issued
24-10-2013World Space Week 2013 -Handbook & Notification
17-10-2013Online submission of Salary Bills - Instructions Issued : Circular - Instructions to DDOs - Instructions to SDOs
23-10-2013While withdrawing amount from P.F - regarding
23-10-2013Managers as public information officers - orders issued
22-10-2013Rabindrotsavam: State level Drama competition at Ernakulam
22-10-2013SSLC 2014-Video Conference in Connection with orientation Programme to HMs
22-10-2013Income Tax Filing of Quaterly TDS Strict Directions
21-10-2013Children's 6th Ecological Congress date extented : Press Release- Details & Application Form
21-10-2013IT Examination March 2013 – Remuneration Sanctioned
21-10-2013Convergence Meeting on Oct 28 and 29 – Circular
21-10-2013District Merrit Scholarship - 2013 (For students who secured full A+ grade during SSLC 2013)
21-10-2013Malayalam Day and Classical Language Week Celebrations- Guidelines issued
21-10-2013Giving reply to people's representatives - Regarding
19-10-2013Circular about dress Code of Teachers (Teachers can use Churidar in Schools) : Latest Circular | Old Circular
19-10-2013 Noon Meal Scheme - Appointment of Data Entry Operator
19-10-2013Application for the post of Teachers in G.V Raja Sports School, Thiruvananthapuram
നവംബര്‍ ൧ - " മലയാളം - ശ്രേഷ്ഠഭാഷാ ദിനം " കുറിപ്പ് | ഉത്തരവ് ‌| പ്രതി‍ജ്ഞ
18-10-2013Sarry as compulsory uniform -Regarding
17-10-2013B Ed Course - Time 2 Years GO
17-10-2013Online submission of Salary Bills - Instructions Issued Circular - Instructions to DDOs - Instructions to SDOs
17-10-2013Child care Allowance to Female Government Employees having Mentally /Physically challenged Children - Modification
17-10-2013Buying Library books from SIEMAT using School Library Fund - Circular
14-10-2013Income tax circular about Tax Deduction at source for the financial year 2013-2014
14-10-2013Noon Feeding Planner Plus V 1.3 | Help file Prepared by Sudheer Kumar T K, KCALP School, Eramangalam
14-10-2013STD X &IX Mark list cum Progress report- Excel Programme Prepared by Narendran.C.V, HSST, BEMHSS, Kasaragod
10-10-2013Grant of Financial Assistance for education to the children of Beedi/Lime Stone & Dolomite Mines/Cine workers for the year 2013-14 - Circular - Application Form
09-10-2013Aided Primary and HS HMs as Drawing Officer – Regarding
09-10-2013Application for Medical Reimbursement - Regarding
09-10-2013List of Schools functioning as per Muslim calender 2012 -13 -Report & Abstract
09-10-2013Youth Festival - Fund Remiting
09-10-2013P.T.B Memorial Children's Science Examination
08-10-2013SSLC Time Table March 2014
08-10-2013CE Teacher Training Circular
08-10-2013IEDSS One Day Orientation Programme to HS HM and Teacher
08-10-2013SSLC - 2014 - Notification
05-10-2013Onam Advance - Recovery Instructions
05-10-2013"Ammuvinte Attinkutty" - Goat Rearing Program - Details | Application Form
05-10-2013Sugama Hindi Examination on 04-01-2014
04-10-2013Census-2011 - Earned Leave for Teachers attended enumeration duty Clarification
04-10-2013Circular - IT Mid term Exam
03-10-2013Purchase of toys for Pre-Primary Schools and Utilization Certificate
03-10-2013Painting Competition on Energy Conservation - 2013
03-10-2013Free English Teacher Training from RIESI-Banglore - Application Invited
02-10-2013Press Release - NuMATS Registration Date Extended
01-10-2013IT Mela 2013 Circular
30-09-2013Gandhijayandhi - Special School Assembly
30-09-2013Speedy processing of court cases - Working arrangement
30-09-2013Press release - Application invited for buying text books for school Library
30-09-2013Improvement of Library and Laboratory facilities in Departmental High schools for year 2013 -14
29-09-2013School Maths Lab - Directions - Press Release
28-09-2013Press release - Application invited for buying text books for school Library
27-09-2013Wild Life Week Oct 2 to 8. Pledge to be taken on 3-10-13 – Directions
27-09-2013World Space Week 2013 - Notification and HandBook
27-09-2013Documents Considered for appointment of Aided School Employees
26-09-2013Rearrangement of IT Examination time (High School Section) - Order
26-09-2013Children's 6th Ecological Congress - Details of Competitions & Application Form
26-09-2013HBA - State wise Combined Seniority List - Published Circular ‌| Statewide Seniority list
26-09-2013HBA from HUDCO to State Government Employees
25-09-2013Wild Life Week 2013 - Instructions
24-09-2013Quality Education Pupil's Right (QEPR) - Training Program for School heads
24-09-2013125th Anniversary of Legislative Bodies of Kerala - State Level Aptitude Test - RESULTS
24-09-2013 Minority Pre-matric - No need to submit Back Account Details - Circular
23-09-2013NuMats 2013-14 - Circular | Brochure| Syllabus
23-09-2013Enterprenership Scheme - Award of Grace Marks and Attendence - Order
21-09-2013C.V Raman Essay Competition 2013
21-09-2013All Kerala Inter-School Space Quiz competition - Conducted by Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)
21-09-2013Gandhi Jayanthi Quiz - 2013 - Conducted by Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board
21-09-2013RMSA - Updation of Bank Account for Schools - Circular
21-09-2013SSLC 2014 - Age Relaxation
13-09-2013Extended the Special Festival Allowance to the teaching and non-teaching staff of Special Schools
13-09-2013Authorizing Headmasters of Aided Primary and High schools to draw salary without counter signature
13-09-2013Including NTU in Various Committees of Education Department
13-09-2013Additional charge of the post of Executive Director, IT@School Project, Thiruvananthapuram to Dr. Babu Sebastian, Director, SIET
11-09-2013Festival Allowance to NM Cooks and Pre Primary Teachers
08-09-2013Onam - 5kg Special Rice Distribution - Circular
06-09-2013Onam Advance to Part-time Contingent Employees, NMR workers, Grass Cutters and other categories of employees for 2013
06-09-2013 Onam Advance to Government Employees for 2O13
06-09-2013Adhoc Bonus Special Festival Allowance to State Govt Employees and Pensioners
06-09-2013 Free uniform scheme -Time extended
04-09-2013 Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances - Limit Enhanced to 50%
04-09-2013 Early Disbursement of 25% of Pay and Allowances
04-09-2013 Teachers State Award Winners 2013 -14 (Secondary Section)
04-09-2013Teachers - State Award Winners 2013 -14 (Primary Section)
02-09-2013Morning Exams arranged on 5th September for STD VII (Maths) and STD IV (Malayalam) Changed to after noon on the same day
02-09-2013First Term Exam on September 4th postponed to September 23rd
02-09-2013Post Creation in Government Higher Secondary Schools - detailed orders issued.
02-09-2013Package Staff fixation 2013-14 Circular
02-09-2013Revised pay scale to cluster co-ordinators
01-09-2013Vidyarangam - Books for "Aswadanakkurip" and Results of Teachers' Competition
29-08-2013Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances | Limit Enhanced to 50% (New GO)
29-08-2013NTSE / NMMSE Examination - 2013-14 - Press Release
29-08-2013GO : TTC renamed as Diploma in Education (D.Ed)
29-08-2013GO-Aided Clerks -Reckoning other service for Grade
29-08-2013Transfer,Posting & Promotion of officers-JDPI/DDE/DEO
26-08-2013Onam - early Disbursment of 25% Pay
26-08-2013Gothra Sarathi Project - Circular | Instructions
26-08-2013Swades 2013 - Mega Quiz Competition
26-08-2013Vidyarangam Kalasahithya Vedi- Activity Inaguration - Ernakulam District
26-08-2013Painting Competition in connection with Green Building Week
26-08-2013Instruction - Free School Uniform to Students
22-08-2013Action Plan 2013-14 - Maths, Science & Social Science
22-08-2013Science Aptitude Programme in IRTC High School and Higher Secondary Students can participate
22-08-2013National Means Cum Merit Scholarship – Circular
22-08-2013PSC Exam on Aug 24 & 31. Holiday to Exam Center Schools
21-08-2013Minority Pre-Matric 2013-14 - Time Extented to 27.08.2013
21-08-2013First Terminal Examination Time Table - Sep 2013 : High School (General)-Updated | STD I to VII | Muslim School
20-08-2013IEDSS Salary to attendants appointed in High Schools AS accorded
20-08-2013Granting of recognition to unrecognized schools following State Syllabus – Time extended for submitting application – orders issued
20-08-2013SSLC March 2014 New Exam Centers – Proposals called
17-08-2013PEECS - A useful Presentation
17-08-2013Teacher's Day Celebrations - Competitions
14-08-2013Education Calender 2013 -14
14-08-2013Spark : Form 5 for setting Controlling Officer
14-08-2013Verification of Service Book of Senior Clerks
13-08-2013TTC going to be D Ed - GO
07-08-2013August 8 -Holiday due to Eid-ul-Fitr - GO
07-08-2013Guidelines for submission of application for assistance from NFTW
07-08-2013Application for the post of DDE(IEDSS)
07-08-2013Family Pension to the parents of deceased Govt. Employee consequent on remarriage/death of spouse
05-08-2013Gothra Sarathi Project - Circular
05-08-2013Cashew Cultivation - Circular
05-08-2013National Banrang Kalolsavam - Participation of Students
05-08-2013Cricket Tharodayam - 2013
05-08-2013Visiting Museum as part of Study Tour - Circular
05-08-2013Guidelines for submission of application for assistance from NFTW
04-08-2013K-TET 2013 PROSPECTUS
03-08-2013E-Filing - Help File, Prepared by Abdurahiman, ICT Cell, DHSE, Thiruvananthapuram
03-08-2013Scheme of work - 2013 -14 -STD VIII, IX & X
03-08-2013Post of Resource Teacher under IEDSS -2013 -14 Press Release | Application Form
30-07-2013Application invited for the post of Clerk/Computer operator at RMSA
30-07-2013Payment of salary to teachers from July 2013 onwards
26-07-2013CYBER CRIME : DPI - Circular GUIDELINES - For Teachers - For Parents
26-07-2013SCHOLARSHIPS - Pre-Primary Section L.P Section | U.P Sectioni | High School Section
26-07-2013Scientific method of appointment of Teachers in Aided Schools
25-07-2013Qualifications for LDC revised
23-07-2013Sanskrit Day DPI Circular
20-07-2013Nursery School Teacher Examination 2013 - Results
20-07-2013Circular for school parliament election 2013-14 Academic year
18-07-2013National Teachers Day Circular
18-07-2013Mid Day Meal Programme – Circular 18-7-13
17-07-2013Mid Day Meal Scheme 2013-2014 Write-Up | Presentation
17-07-2013Excellence in Kalolsavam – Scholarship for poor children
17-07-2013NFTW Account of Teachers day Stamp and Coupon
17-07-2013Recognition to unrecognized schools functioning under state syllabus : Notification | Application form
16-07-2013HSC- Aided-Teaching Posts and Lab Assistant Posts-Created and upgraded for the years 2011-12 and 2012-13
16-07-2013Pooling of Specialist Teachers included in Teachers Package Claiming Salary
16-07-2013Minority Prematric - Order Related to including the details of Un-Aided,CBSE,ICSE schools in Sampoorna Software
15-07-2013HS HM/AEO Promotion Order
15-07-2013Abhiruchi Pareeksha 2013
12-07-2013CCE-Revised Teacher Training Schedule
12-07-2013Supreme Court Order -Suchithwa Mission
12-07-2013Logo for the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights
06-07-2013Spark Training Schedule - Gen. education - Palakkad
06-07-2013Unaided Schools-Granting of Recognition to unrecognized schools following State Syllabus-Time Frame Prescribed - Orders issued
05-07-2013Circular-Educational Assistance to children from women headed families
05-07-2013Video Conference on 08.07.2013
05-07-2013Tobacco Free Kerala - Reporting format for HMs
05-07-2013Digital Signature - Explanation
05-07-2013Pre Matric - Info on Back Account
04-07-2013Mathrubhumi SEED Programme
04-07-2013Kerala School Kalolsava Fund Collection
04-07-2013Enhancing the age limit for recruitment of teachers in Aided Schools
04-07-2013LWA – Rejoining at the fag end of an academic year -Request for cancellation of unavailed portion
03-07-2013CCE-Teacher Training - Schedule
02-07-2013Sports & Games - Athletic Fund
02-07-2013Snehapoorvam Project by Social Security Mission - Application Form and Instructions
02-07-2013Promotion & Postings of HSAs in the cadre of Heads of Punchayath High Schools
02-07-2013DA Orders since 1988 (Sent by Ravikumar Sir)
01-07-2013Youth Parliament in selected schools
26-06-2013Higher Secondary Education - Sanctioning of new Higher Secondary batches and additional batches in the existing Higher Secondary Schools : GO I | GO II | GO III
26-06-2013Financial Assistance for Sports Clubs/ Government/ Aided Schools/ Individuals 2013-14
25-06-2013Aptitude Test - by Kerala Niyamasabha Secretariat Notifications | Guidelines | Question Bank
25-06-2013Anti - Drug Pledge for June 26
21-06-2013RTI -Guidelines for granting recognition to unrecognized schools following State Syllabus
21-06-2013Aptitude Test for School Children
21-06-2013Pre-Matric Scholarship Circular 1 | Circular 2 | Circular 3 | Application Form
21-06-2013Holidays declared by the District Collectors- Attendance of Teachers - Clarification
20-06-2013Proforma for the USS Results with blockwise list 2013
20-06-2013Proforma for the eligible students for LSS/USS scholarship 2013 : Proforma for LSS | Proforma for USS
19-06-2013STATE ELIGIBILITY TEST - 2013: ANSWER KEYS (Published on 19/06/2013)
19-06-2013CCE - DRGTraining- – List of Centres
19-06-2013List of SRG & Core SRG Members for DRG Training (CE)
19-06-2013Kerala State Science and Technology Museum and Priyadarsini Planetarium- Inculcate Scholarship 2013-14 Application for Screening Test invited
19-06-2013June 19 to be observed as Reading Day
19-06-2013SPACE Help book for Teachers – LP, UP and HS
18-06-2013ICT Training - 2013
18-06-2013Promotion and Postings of officers in the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO’s/TTIs (2)
18-06-2013Promotion and Postings of officers in the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO’s/TTIs (1)
17-06-2013Vidyarangam Kalasahithya vedi 2013-14 - Circular
17-06-2013Monsoon Preparedness - Prevention of Epidemics
17-06-2013Selecting Best PTA 2012-13
16-06-2013Stipend for ST Students - Distribution Dates - Ernakulam Dist
16-06-2013CCE Details of DRG Training
16-06-2013SSLC 2013 Certificate Correction
16-06-2013CCE DRG Training – Circular
16-06-2013Deputing Teachers for other duties – Circular
14-06-2013DPI Circular on staff Fixation based on UID
14-06-2013Fixation of strength based on UID - Time schedule - DPI Circular
14-06-2013DBT - Instruction to DPI/DDEs reg
14-06-2013Beneficiary List : Incentive to Girls | N M M S
13-06-2013Anti-Dengue pledge to be sworn in Assembly
13-06-2013Higher Secondary Education –Additional Higher Secondary Courses and Batches –Instructions Given to Notify Application
10-06-2013Aided HM as DDO Training to PA & SS
07-06-2013RTE Structural Changes - Correction in Circular
07-06-2013THSLC Revaluation Result 2013
07-06-2013Postings of Therapists in Schools - Order
07-06-2013CCE-SRG Training - Cricular
06-06-2013Pre-Matric Scholarship - Income Certificate Compulsory
05-06-2013Sanskrit Council Formation - Circular
03-06-2013Inspire Award 2013
03-06-2013Mid Day Meal Scheme - Directions
03-06-2013C.E Marks - Training for SRGs
03-06-2013RTE-Structural Changes - Renaming of Schools
03-06-2013Prospectus for admission to Professional Degree Courses - KEAM 13 - amended - Orders issued
03-06-2013NMMS - Aadhaar - Circular
03-06-2013IEDSS - Medical Camp - Circular
03-06-2013Subrato Cup Football Tournament
03-06-2013Revised Draft Provisional List of HM/AEO 2013-14
01-06-2013Student Police Cadet : Promotional Video telecasting on 03-06-2013
31-05-2013Hon'ble Education Ministers Message for Pravesanolsavam
31-05-2013Jalasree Club formation in HSE/VHSE/HS/UP Schools Guideliness | Application Form | Pledge
31-05-2013Higher Education Department- Revision of Fee Structure in Self Financing Arts and Science Colleges
29-05-2013HBA 2013-'14- Online Filing of Applications-Instructions
29-05-2013RTE Act - Clarification - GO (MS) 154/2013 dt 28/05/2013
28-05-2013OBC-Prematric 2013 - Fund Distribution : Press Release - Instruction to Head Masters
27-05-2013School Pravesanolsavam 2013 - Guidelines
23-05-2013D.A hiked to 53% - DA order for Govt.Employees and teachers
23-05-2013Dearness Relief on pension to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners including those coming under UGC/ AICTE/Medical Education Schemes and those drawing Dearness Relief at Central Rates with effect from 01/01/2013
23-05-2013Sampoorna - Training for School Teachers
20-05-2013Various Scholarships 2013-14 - Activity Calendar and Proforma
18-05-2013Census Surrender - Latest GO
18-05-2013SSLC Certificate Distribution - Circular
14-05-2013UID based activities – Staff fixation 2012-13
14-05-2013Appointment of Resource Teachers for CWSN Students
09-05-2013RTE Act : GO about Teacher student Ratio
09-05-2013Instruction regarding admission in unaided schools
09-05-2013National Pension System ; Exercise of Option
07-05-2013Validity of income certificate issued from Village/Taluk Offices extended
04-05-2013 Teachers Wanted at Keezhmad Aluva
02-05-2013A Very Important DPI Circular on Staff fixation| User Guide
29-04-2013Plus One Admission 2013 - Prospectus
28-04-2013Aided School salary Bills without counter signature - time limit extended
28-04-2013Census duty - Surrender of Earned leave - further Clarifications
27-04-2013Provident Funds - Rate of interest for 2013-14
27-04-2013Personality Development Programme for Students of Minority Communities
25-04-2013SSLC Say Examination - 2013 Notification
25-04-2013Circular about awarding grace marks to the THSLC Scout cadets
25-04-2013GO on notional selection grade fixation- Highschool HMs
22-04-2013Loans and Advances; Recovery during 2013 postponed
22-04-2013Pay Revision 2009 High School Headmasters Notional Selection Grade Fixation further clarification
19-04-2013HSST Promotion - Data uploading Circular
18-04-2013Aptitude Test -Conducted by the Kerala Niyamasabha Secretariat
17-04-2013Vacation Training Guidelines - SSA
15-04-2013Pareekasha Bhavan circular about the Paper valuation remuneration
15-04-2013STD IX Promotion list format in Open office - prepared by C.V Narendran, BEMPHSS, Thalasserry
11-04-2013SPARK -Time Limit for updation & Locking - Extended
11-04-2013Pay Revision anomaly recertified - GO
11-04-2013Teachers' Intra District Transfer Rank List
06-04-2013Ex gratia Payment-Death while on duty -rate revised
06-04-2013Implementation of National Pension System-Further Orders issued
06-04-2013Re designation of post of LD Clerk and U D Clerk
06-04-2013LTC to the State Government Employees - Rules /Guidelines- Head of Account Clarification
26-03-2013Treasury Fixed Deposits- Rate of Interest - Revised
26-03-2013Approval of appontment of Non -teaching staffs in aided schools
25-03-2013OBC Prematric Scholarship Distribution Beneficiaries List | Circular | Proceedings
25-03-2013SCERT - NuMats for Standard VI Result
24-03-2013KSR & KER made applicable to 238 employees of 35 AIP schools from 16-1-2003
22-03-2013Text Book Distribution - Circular
22-03-2013Pre Metric Scholarship Disbursement Order
22-03-2013Work Experience Club - Allotment of Funds
21-03-2013Vacation Training for Teachers - Circular
19-03-2013SSLC - 2013 - IT Practical Exam Circular
18-03-2013Kerala PSC: Assistant Auditor/Secretariat Assistant Short List Published Direct recruitment | By transfer
18-03-2013National Talent Search Examination Result 2013
16-03-2013Re-attachment of Master Trainers of lT@ School Project with concerned District offices of the Project
16-03-2013Budget 2013-2014 Budget Speech (Malayalam) | Budget in Brief 2013-14 | Annual Plan
16-03-2013National level strike of employees and workers on 20.02.2013 and 21.02.2013- Absence of employees for want of public conveyance - Regularised
12-03-2013About SSLC Examination 2013 and Paper Valuation Charges
12-03-2013DA Arrears crediting to PF _ Time limit extended
12-03-2013Kerala Municipality Building (Amendment) Rules
11-03-2013Intra District transfer - date Extended
10-03-2013Rs 10000 Award to SC students who got A grade in State kalolsavam
10-03-2013SSLC - 2013 - IT Exam -ARC-CCC-BT_Letter
07-03-2013IED CWSN List for SSLC Exam March 2013 First List | Second List | Third List
07-03-2013Circular - SSLC Supervision remuneration etc enhanced
07-03-2013Pareeksha Bhavan Circular about SSLC Grace Marks | Old Circular
06-03-2013SPARK Implementation-Instructions issued
06-03-2013Circular about Annual IT Exam for VIII and IX
06-03-2013National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement
06-03-2013Kerala State Library Council- All Kerala Reading Contest 2003- List of books Published
05-03-2013Circular : Treasuries will not accept bills without certificate of SPARK entry from 01-03-2013
05-03-2013Leave Surrender for census duty 2010 limted to 8 days
04-03-2013IED CWSN List for SSLC Examination March 2013
04-03-2013Promotion,Postings and Transfer to the cadre of Heads of Departmental High School/AEO/TTI and equated category
04-03-2013Transfer and Postings of officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendents and appointment of Senior Superintendents
04-03-2013Disbursement of pensionary benefits on the date of retirement-State level Committee constituted
04-03-2013Annual Examination -Invigilator duty
03-03-2013Annual Exam Time Table : HS Section | LP & UP Section
03-03-2013Equivalency of LTTC/DLTTC Conducted by Controller of Examinations to B.Ed
03-03-2013OBC Pre Matric - Press Release
02-03-2013Financial Assistance to Children with Special Needs (CWSN) in classes IX to XII (including VHSE) – Administrative Sanction accorded – Order issued – Reg.
28-02-2013Exam Secretary's important message about SSLC CE Mark Entry
28-02-2013Annual Exam 2013 : instuction on invigilation duty
28-02-2013Annual Exam Time Table
22-02-2013Exam Secretary's Circular about SSLC CE Mark Entry
22-02-2013Circular on Intra-sistrict Transfer of Teachers
22-02-2013Annual Exam Time Table : HS Section | HS Attached LP/UP | LP-UP School | Muslim School
20-02-2013House Building Advance - Second Mortgage ; Enhancement of Limit
18-02-2013Threatened Strike by a section of Government Employees and Teachers on 20th and 21st February 2013 - Measures for dealing with
15-02-2013IT Exam - Userguide
13-02-2013IT Exam - Final Circular & Forms
10-02-2013Deduction of Tax at source- Instructions - Circular No 14-2013-Fin dated 02-02-2013
10-02-2013SPARK- Verification and Locking of data - Time Limit
10-02-2013Preparation of Asset Register-Time Limit to Head of Departments
09-02-2013SSLC 2013 - I.T Practical & Theory Exam - Circular
09-02-2013THE FINISHING TOUCH - English Study Material from DIET Kasargod
05-02-2013Clerks of Aided School has been exempted from Department Test - Orders issued
02-02-2013OBC Post-matric - Press Release
01-02-2013IT Model Exam Userguide
01-02-2013MRS Teachers' Transfer Details
30-01-2013SSLC 2013 - IT Model Examination - Circular
30-01-2013SSLC Revision Packages Prepared by Diet Palakkad Social Science | History | Geography | Work Sheet | Pre Model Questions
30-01-2013History and Geography Materials by DIET, Kannur
29-01-2013Teachers Award -2012- 13 -Notification
29-01-2013LSS/USS Portfolio- Directions
28-01-2013SSLC IT Exam GO
25-01-2013General Strike by a section of State Government employees and teachers from 08-01-2013- Dies non- Recovery of Salary- Orders issued
25-01-2013State It Quiz (Quiz Master: Sri V K Adarsh) General Round(preliminary) | Final Round(HS) | Final Round(HSS)
23-01-2013Initiating Disciplinary actions against a section of Government employees resorted to strike- Orders issued G.O (P) No.17/13/GAD Thiruvananthapuram Dated: 19.01.2013
21-01-2013State IT Mela - Program
18-01-2013Nabi Day - Holiday Advanced
18-01-2013NuMATS Exam Date Postponed
18-01-2013Guidelines for authorising Headmasters of aided Primary and High Schools to draw salary bills without counter signature
17-01-2013L.S.S,U.S.S - Part C instructions
17-01-2013Implementation of National Pension System to employees joining service with effect from 01/04/2013
11-01-2013State Kalolsavam Program Notice
11-01-2013Applications invited for Entrance Examinations/Allotments for various Professional Courses 2013-14
09-01-2013SSLC 2013 - Model Examination Circular
08-01-2013Accomadation of State Kalolsavam
08-01-2013LD/UD Clerk Seniority Service Card Circular ‌‌| Application Form
07-01-2013SSLC Model Examination 2013 - Time Table
07-01-2013Joint Entrance examination 2013- Students appeared for Plus Two Examinations March, 2011 and March 2012 - Permitted to improve all subjects in Higher Secondary examination 2013- in principle sanction
07-01-2013Proposed Indefinite strike of State Government Employees and Teachers from 08-01-2013- Measures to deal with- Reg.
04-01-2013ICT Scheme 2013 - Further Clarifications
04-01-2013Leave Travel Concession for Employees Government Order | Rules/Guidelines
02-01-2013Mid Day Meal Scheme Contingent Charge clarification - DPI Circular dt.27.12.12
31-12-2012map of kolenchery - ernakulam kalolsavam
29-12-2012ICT Requirements for 2013 Circular
27-12-2012KANNUR District Kalolsavam - program Notice
24-12-2012OBC-Pre Metric Scholarship - Circular and Application Form
24-12-2012Pre-Matric Scholarship - Guidelines
23-12-2012School Kalolsavam Program Notice -Idukki District - Stage allotment
22-12-2012Ernakulam District School KalolsavamProgram Notice | Identification Certificate
21-12-2012Circular I.T Fest - 2013
20-12-2012LWA Sanction - Detailed Instructions
20-12-2012A circular regarding School Kalolsavam Fund
19-12-2012Second Term Exam -Time Change
19-12-2012Circular on Teacher Training
16-12-2012Advocate grant for OBCs -Details
15-12-2012Early Disbursement of Pay and allowances due to X-mas
15-12-2012Sanction to pre-primary attached to Govt.Schools - Clarification
15-12-2012Transfer and Posting - Primary HMs
15-12-2012Kerala State Right to Services Rules | Kerala State Right to Services Bill
14-12-2012SSLC 2013- New Examination Centers
13-12-2012Guidelines to conduct K-TET - IV
13-12-2012DPI Circular on UID Arrangements
11-12-2012DPI Circular on Second Term IT Exam
07-12-2012Details of Agencies involved in UID enrolment in schools
07-12-2012Scheme of Work : STD VIII to X | LP and UP
06-12-2012Important Letter from secretary, Pareekshabhavan to DDEs
01-12-2012Special Casual Leave to undergo Chemotherapy_Radiation_Kidney Transplantation etc
01-12-2012Circular on Communication sent direct to educational minister
01-12-2012Kannur north sub district kalolsavam - Program
23-11-2012SSLC 2013 - List of Valuation Camps
23-11-2012Second Terminal Examination Circular - HS Timetable - LP, UP Timetable
23-11-2012Circular Deputy Chief for Gulf/Lakshadweep
23-11-2012Notifications SSLC 2013 Notification | THSLC 2013 Notification | NTEC 2013 Notification | DLED 2013 notification
23-11-2012Examination Secretary's Circular about SSLC Social Science Examination 2013
23-11-2012HBA Scheme - Extension of date for Encashment
23-11-2012Enrollment of School Children in Aadhar (UID)- Time-limit - Circular dated 02-11-2012 - Aadhar Card Enrolling Form for IT@School
23-11-2012Incentive to girls - DPI Circular dated 25-09-2012
23-11-2012QIP Monitoring Committee Minutes
23-11-2012Quotation Notice -" Vidyarangam" Magazine
23-11-2012Ernakulam District Athletics: Order of Events
23-11-2012Sultan Batheri sub district Kalolsavam: Program
22-11-2012GPAIS Nomination Form
22-11-2012Kalolsavam Offline Software Opening Problem in Browsers - Solution by Jobson Abraham (MT, Trissur)
20-11-2012LSS USS Notification | Excel Forms
20-11-2012Kannur district Vidyarangam Kalolsavam : Program
20-11-2012Iritty sub district Kalolsavam : Program | Website
20-11-2012State Sasthrolsavam - 2012 Program Notice
20-11-2012Kerala Service Rules - Grant of Leave without allowance under Appendix XII A and XII C before completion of probation-G.O (P) 161/2008/Fin - Cancelled - Orders issued G.O (P) No. 471/2012/Fin 23-08-2012
20-11-2012 Teachers package - Teachers terminated while on unauthorized absence-Filling of vacancy reg_02-11-2012
17-11-2012Vypin Subdistrict Kalolsavam : Program Notice
17-11-2012Income Tax : Circular for the year 2012-13
17-11-2012Inter District Transfer - Circular | Timeline | Website
16-11-2012Enhancement of DA : GO(P)No 614-2012-Fin Dated 08-11-2012
14-11-2012Ernakulam District Fair : DDE Site
14-11-2012Implementation of Teachers Package - Clarification
14-11-2012GPAI Scheme-Renewal for the year 2013
14-11-2012Treasury Fixed Deposit Certificate to be accepted in lieu of Solvency Certificate
14-11-2012Revision of fare rates of Stage Carriages - Government notification issued | Students' Fare
07-11-2012Aided broken service and Increment - Circular dt. 26-9-2012
07-11-2012DPI Circular about Sampoorna in LP/UP schools
06-11-2012DPI Circular about Anti tobacco School
05-11-2012T T C 2013 Notification
02-11-2012Sasthramela New Directions Dated 20-10-2012
02-11-2012Teachers Package - Appointment of Protected Teachers
02-11-2012B.ED Course 2012 -2013 - Selection of candidate under Departmental Quota
01-11-2012Science Fair 2012_Sub & Revenue District Science Competitions - Circular
01-11-2012Social Science_Sub District, Revenue District Competitions - Circular
01-11-2012SPARK-Implementation in Cheque Drawing Departments-Instructions
31-10-2012State School Kalolsavam - Manual updated
29-10-2012Malayala Bhasha Varacharanam - Circular
29-10-2012Am Admi Beema Yojana Scholarship DPI Circular
25-10-2012An Important Circular on Sampoorna Class X
25-10-2012First Terminal Examination -2012 - ICT Theory Sample Questions STD X : Malayalam | English | Kannada | Tamil
25-10-2012First Terminal Examination -2012 - ICT Theory Sample Questions STD IX : Malayalam | English | Kannada | Tamil
25-10-2012First Terminal Examination -2012 - ICT Theory Sample Questions STD VIII : Malayalam | English | Kannada | Tamil
25-10-2012Restricted holiday on 27-10-2012 in connection with Bakrid G.O (MS) No. 292/12/GAD Dated 25-10-12
22-10-2012Smart ClasS Room In Every SCHOOLS - CIRCULAR
22-10-2012Planning & Economic Affairs Department - Guidelines for relaxing interest for the educational loan drawn by unemployed students below poverty line during 2004 -09.
22-10-2012DISE School Code (From SEMIS ONLINE Report)
20-10-2012School Kalolsavam Manual - Modification
20-10-2012Observance of 31st October, 2012 as Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas (National Re-dedication Day)
20-10-2012Information Technology Department - I.T Policy 2012 - Approved - Orders issued
19-10-2012Bakrid Festival - Early disbursement of Pay and Allowances
19-10-2012SPARK - Strict Instructions issued to HODs and DDOs
18-10-2012SSLC 2013 Notification
17-10-2012Public Holidays to the Public Offices under the Government of Kerala during the Calendar year 2013 | As per NI Act
11-10-2012B Ed Departmental Quota - Selection List
11-10-2012Priority to PSC Rank holders in Daily Wage appointments instead of Independent Head Teachers in Govt. LP/UP Schools
11-10-2012Education Package - Pooling of Specialist Teachers
08-10-2012NuMATS - Circular dated 05-10-2012
08-10-2012Mid Day Meal to Preprimary - Clarification
08-10-2012Std Xth Equivalency Examination 2012Notification | Website
06-10-2012Transfer & Posting of officers
06-10-2012Cartoon Animation Film Competition by it@school
06-10-2012IT Exam Circular (quarterly)
05-10-2012IT Mela 2012 Entry Form
05-10-2012T A claims of Gazetted Officers- strict instructions issued
04-10-2012Minimum qualification for the teaching post
04-10-2012Date of Birth correction proceedings and procedure
03-10-2012Online Application for NTSE and NMMS | Directions
03-10-2012NTS Examination for Class X
03-10-2012NMMS Examination for Class VIII (Updated)
01-10-2012Pukayila Vimuktha Vidyalayam - Circular
01-10-2012Package for Panchayath Schools
01-10-2012Provisional seniority List of HSAs up to 31-12-2000
01-10-2012Teachers' Package - Re arrangement when filling the new vacancy
27-09-2012Modification - organising School Management Committee
27-09-2012Mid day Meal scheme - New Circular
27-09-2012The right of correction to HMsCIRCULAR | Application Form | Proceedings
26-09-2012Gandhi Jayanthi Cleaning ProgramGO | SIEMAT Circular | Data Collection Form | Announcement | Information Note
26-09-2012K-TET - Original certificate Verification
26-09-2012K-TET - Exemption - important Clarification
25-09-2012Eureekka - Sasthra Keralam - School Level Examination
25-09-2012UID - DPI Circular
24-09-2012NuMats : Sub-district level registration - Date extended up to 12-10-12 | Syllabus and more details
23-09-2012SPARK - Entitlement authorisation of Non-gazetted employees
22-09-2012Std Xth Equivalency Notification
22-09-2012World Space Week - 2012
18-09-2012Leave benefits to Part - time teachers - modified - Orders issued. - Erratum
18-09-2012Transfer & Posting of Officers in education department : PA to DEO | SS : Ratio Promotion | JS & H.C | SS from JS
17-09-2012DPI Circular on Free Software Day Celebrations on 19th Sep
12-09-2012Filling up resultant vacancies on Daily Wages basis during 2012 - 13 on result of Appointment of Independent Head Teachers in LP & UP Schools
12-09-2012KGT Examination : How to apply for KGTE | Notification
12-09-2012Previous GOs about Date of BirthG.O no 853/2011 | G.O no 2281/2011
11-09-2012Revised Contingent Charges-NMP (Thanks Usman.K, HeadMaster, GLPS Valamangalam,Malappuram)
11-09-2012TTC Course 2012 -14
10-09-2012School Parliament Election 2012 -13
09-09-2012Forms (Zip File) : Form D, MRA Sanction, NRA Application, PF bill, TA Sanction Form, TA NRA Form - (Special Thanks to D.Sajeev kumar)
05-09-2012Kalolsavam - Permission to collect fund from students
02-09-2012Primary School ICT Training
04-09-2012National Essay Competition of Dr.Ambedkar Foundation
02-09-2012National Essay Competition of Dr.Ambedkar Foundation
02-09-2012Departmental Test - Timetable
27-08-2012Onam : Special Rice 5kg for the students under Mid Day Meal Scheme
27-08-2012Promotion and Posting of Heads - HS/TTI/AEO | Statement of Relinguishment
27-08-2012Inter-District Transfer of Teachers on compassionate Grounds
26-08-2012Grant of LWA before completing probation - New Order
24-08-2012Festival Allowance to NM Cooks and Resource Teachers
23-08-2012Official Language - Committee recommendations (2011-14) from November 1 for declaring Official Language year
21-08-2012Spark Help file: Festival Allowance and Onam Advance for SDOs. Prepared by Muhammed A.P
21-08-2012Filling up of resultant vacancies - resultant vacancies independent HMs in LP/UP schools
21-08-2012Extension of time limit for option - Aided School HMs
18-08-2012Government announced measures to deal with the threatened Strike on 21st August 2012
17-08-2012Adhoc Bonus and Special Festival Allowance-Sanctioned
17-08-2012Onam Advance to Government Employees-Sanctioned
17-08-2012Onam Advance to Part-time Contingent Employees.. etc Sanctioned
17-08-2012Ramdan - Holiday Order
15-08-2012ECTAX -TDS ESTIMATOR 2012-2013 Prepared by Sri.Babu Vadakkumchery
15-08-2012Onam Exam Change of time table reg
14-08-2012SCERT NuMATS Selection from STD VI: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Schools : Information Bulletin ‌| Brochure | Syllabus | Aptitude test - Sub District Level | Aptitude test - State Level
14-08-2012 (Infrastructure Development for Minority Institutions) IDMI(Private Aided / Un Aided) Scheme for Schools - Instruction and App. form
14-08-2012Leave benefits of Part-time teachers - Modified Order
13-08-2012Sneha Sparsam - August : Education Minister's Letter to PTA President
11-08-2012Onam and Ramzan : Early disbursement of Salary - GO
11-08-2012Changed SLI Forms from June 2012 SLI application form | Help for filling the application | Application for changing nomination
10-08-2012DPI Circular about Time Table for Onam Examination
09-08-2012Onam Exam Modified Timetable (From Edn Site) STD VIII to X | STD I to VII
09-08-2012Time Table for STD I to VII (Muslim School)
09-08-2012New Pension Scheme shall be introduced w.e.f 1-4-2013
08-08-2012DPI Circular on it-club activities
08-08-2012Service benefits of Retrenched Teachers - Clarification
03-08-2012Quarterly exam : IT Theory Sample Questions(Corrected Class X | Class IX | Class VIII
06-08-2012THE KERALA STATE RIGHT TO SERVICE BILL, 2012. (As passed by the Assembly)
06-08-2012K-TET Modified Guidelines
04-08-2012First year Improvement Examination September 2012 : Notification | Application
04-08-2012NCERT Exam for STD X students : Details | Application Form | Region wise List of NTS Liaison Officers 2012 -13
03-08-2012Application for the service of Scribe -KTET Exam 2012
03-08-2012KTET Exam 2012 : Modified order
03-08-2012TEXT_BOOK-2012-13 - 2 nd volume - TBO Circular dated  Schools can edit the indent at KBPS website according to their actual requirement (From 1st August to 15th August 2012
02-08-2012All in one - Onam Exam Timetable for LP, UP and HS (for General and Muslim scholls)
31-07-2012Enhancement of age of Retirement - Re-option for fixation of pay-GO
28-07-2012Deleting an entry of Pre-matric - Help file by Jobson Abraham, MT,it@school Trissur
24-07-2012Onam Exam Time Table (Courtesy : Thrissur Education Site)
24-07-2012Scheme of Work - STD VIII, STD IX and STD X
31-12-2011GPF Calculator : Prepared By Ajayan Block
31-12-2011Transfer & Posting of DEOs
31-12-2011Provisional seniority List of LD Clerks in Gen.Edn.
31-12-2011Q&A of State Vidyarangam Quiz (Aluva)
30-12-2011DPI Circular about Prematric Scholarship dated 30-12-2011
30-12-2011GO about final exam for pupils of std. IV, VII, X in un-recognised schools
29-12-2011Creation of Super Numerary Posts against Retirement Vacancies
29-12-2011Pensionary Benefits to Part-time teachers
28-12-2011PSC appointment - The appointing authority shall obtain the attestation form duly filled by the candidates - Form of Attestation
28-12-2011O&M Inspection in various Education offices - Directions based on remarks
28-12-2011Malayalam- The First language Letter dated 9-11-11
28-12-2011File Adalath : Review of the of the file disposal
28-12-2011Provisional List For Inter District Teacher Transfer (2011 - 2012)
28-12-2011Inter dist Transfer of teachers 2011-12_DPI Circular_24-12-2011
28-12-2011Time Table for Departmental Test-January 2012
27-12-2011Video Coverage of 52th Kerala School kalolsavam
Press Release and Quotation notice
22-12-2011Pay Revision 2009-Rules for Fixation of pay-Clarifications issued
22-12-2011DPI Circular about Hardware Training
22-12-2011PSC Appointment_Service Regularization_Letter from the DDE Idukki
21-12-2011Pre-metric Minority Scholarship - 2011-2012 - DPI's Circular
21-12-2011Promotion and Postings of Officers in the cadre of Heads of Department
21-12-2011DPI Circular about Social Science Talent Examination
21-12-2011Ernakulam District Kalolsavam - ID Card Format
20-12-2011List of Students Selected in the Screening Test of Inculcate-2011 (293 Nos) - Answer Key
20-12-2011Drug & Alcohol control mission - Chief Ministers' Letter to Head Masters
20-12-2011DPI Letter: Study Tour to Uralungal Craft village, Kozhikode
20-12-2011OSS Allotment of Funds - Order - All districts
20-12-2011DPI Circular about Training for English Teachers
19-12-2011Spark : Authorization letter format to start the Bank account for employees
19-12-2011Child Care Allowance to women employees having physically/Mentally Challenged un School going children
19-12-2011State Maths Fair Schedule 2011-2012
19-12-2011ID Card-State Sasthrolsavam 2011-2012
19-12-2011SSLC 2012 Circular (Super fine for PCN Candidates)
17-12-2011Provisional approval of teachers included in the Teachers Bank : Thiruvananthapuram - Kollam - Pathanamthitta - Alappuzha - Kottayam - Idukki - Eranakulam - Thrissur - Palakkad - Malappuram - Kozhikkode - Wayanad - Kannur - Kasaragod
16-12-2011The List of DMU's - Spark - Different depts.
14-12-2011A much wanted order of enhancement of festival allowance to Cooks
14-12-2011Early Disbursement of salary Orders
14-12-2011Ernakulam District - UID Plan by Akshaya
14-12-2011Pensionary Benefits in man-missing cases - Orders Modified
13-12-2011Important Circular on SAMPOORNA data entry Class 8 & 9
13-12-2011Posting of 4 newly recruited DEOs
13-12-2011Mid Day Meal Scheme - Hike in price of MILK - Circular & Order
13-12-2011Vanamithra Puraskaram - 2011.
13-12-2011CIRCULAR-Centralized Valuation 2012(SSLC) - ACE/AE Examiner SSLC 2012 On-line Application - General Instruction For Application Filling
09-12-2011Infrastructure Development to Minority Institutions - Letter from DPI
07-12-2011Hindi Diploma in Language Education Course 2012 -13 : General Quota - Self Finance
06-12-201155th Kerala State Schools Athletic Meet 2011-2012 -Committies & Convenors with Phone numbers
03-12-2011IT Exam Patch
03-12-2011Canon LBP 2900B in Ubuntu 10.04 (Hassainar Mankada)
03-12-2011House Building Advance - Second Batch List of selected employees
03-12-2011SSLC 2012 Forms
03-12-2011Class-X A' Level Equivalency SAY Examination October 2011
01-12-2011Creation of Supernumerary post against retirement vacancies
01-12-2011D.P.C. (Higher/Lower) -2012
01-12-2011Final seniority list of HMs/AEOs from 29.5.2007 to 30.5.2008
30-11-2011ERNAKULAM Sports Final Results
30-11-2011HBA Scheme-Time Limit for encashment-Extended
29-11-2011Pareekshabhavan Circular about Sampoorna Data Entry
29-11-2011Ernakulam District Sports - First day results
29-11-2011IT Practical Second Term Exam CD installation Guide
28-11-2011Circular - Instruction for conducting Second Terminal
IT Practical Examination- 2011 -12
- Exam CD installation Guide
28-11-2011Wayanad District Sports Notice
26-11-2011Observance of Noon-Meal Day on 28th November 2011
26-11-2011DPI Circular about the subscription of Thalir Magazine
25-11-2011TBO Circular about Text book Online indent 2012-2013
25-11-2011Second Terminal Examination Timetable :
25-11-2011Kottayam Rev. District Sasthramela all Results
24-11-2011DPI Circular about the Directions of Science Drama
24-11-2011Paryavaran Mitra Low Carbon Lifestyle School Competition : News Letter (Malayalam) - (English)
24-11-2011Merging of Typist Senior grade and Typist Selection grade as Typist Selection grade on Rs. 14620 - 25280
24-11-2011Schedule of Ernakulam Revenue District Sports Fair
24-11-2011Seniority list of Deputy Director of Education
23-11-2011ICT Scheme - 2011-12 for Govt/Aided Schools
23-11-2011Kerala School Children Personal Accident Insurance Scheme - Claim form
23-11-2011A common judgement on WPC (Relating to transfer in Aided school establishment)
23-11-2011Group C Diversion Clarification DPI 29-09-2011
22-11-2011NOC for getting CBSE/ICSE affiliation
22-11-2011KGCE fine Arts Notification
22-11-2011NTECE 2012 Notification
22-11-2011ERNAKULAM Dist. IT Fair - Revised time Schedule
22-11-2011WIFI Driver for HCL Laptops
21-11-2011Aadhaar Enrolment Form (Model)
21-11-2011AHSLC Notification 2012
21-11-2011SSLC NEW EXAM Centre 2012
21-11-2011SSLC Hearing Impaired Notification 2012
21-11-2011THSLC Notification 2012 - THSLC Hearing Impaired Notification 2012
21-11-2011DLED Revaluation 2011
19-11-2011B.Ed Course 2011-2012 -Selection of Candidates (Departmental quota)
19-11-2011Identity Card for Shasthramela District fair (From Ernakulam DDE Site)
18-11-2011List of schools - UID pilot program - All districts
18-11-2011SAMSUNG: Driver for all Printers (From it@school Trissur)
18-11-2011PALAKKAD : List of Selected Schools for UID implementation
17-11-20117% hike in DA/DR; Orders Issued; GO(P)No. 535/2011/Fin Dated 14/11/2011
17-11-2011DPI Circular on time limit- Inter-district Transfer
17-11-2011Sample Identity Card for Shasthramela District fair (received from Vypin Sub district Science fair Convener)
16-11-2011ERNAKULAM : List of Selected Schools for UID implementation
16-11-2011Provisional seniority list of District Educational Officers
16-11-2011State Melas - Organizing committees
14-11-2011SSLC Duty in Gulf and Lakshadweep
14-11-2011Banning Special/ Festival fees from pupils up to std VIII : DPI's Circular - Government order (Old Circular)
14-11-2011GO on latest Building Tax assessment Panchayath - Municipality/Corporation
12-11-2011Varnotsavam - All Kerala Painting Competition
10-11-2011Delegation of Power to the Educational Officers -Age limit -Modified Order
10-11-2011Re-establishment of Arabic, Sanskrit and Urdu eligibility test
10-11-2011National education day on 11 11 11 reg.
10-11-2011Disbursement of Pension on the date of retirement - Orders reg
09-11-2011Appointment and Deployment of Aided school teachers - Clarification request
09-11-2011Central team to visit state Noon meal Program Project - DPI Circular
09-11-2011Proceedings of DPI - Transfer and posting HMs
07-11-2011Office Renovation Fund for AEOs & DEOs - Proceedings
07-11-2011History Quiz by Archives department
05-11-2011An Important Press Release from Exe. director it@school on SAMPOORNA
04-11-2011Directions from state Finance Officer on withdrawal from GPF
04-11-2011Departmental Test Jan-2012. Notification
04-11-2011Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for 2012
04-11-2011D.P.C. - Confidential Report Preparation
03-11-2011Guidelines for District/Inter District Transfer of Teachers
03-11-2011TTC Notification 2012
02-11-2011Circular about the details of Tenth standard data in Sampoorna Portal
01-11-2011Canon-Pixma iP 1300 Driver for Ubuntu 10.04 (HASSAINAR MANKADA)
01-11-2011Circular about the conduct of Maths Fair - Shastramela (Circular dated 18-10-2011)
01-11-2011Circular about Keralappiravi Celebrations
31-10-2011Eligibility for Family pension to parents and unmarried daughters above 25years-Orders Modified
28-10-2011An Important Notice from it@school
28-10-2011Your Laptop acts as a Type 2 Modem - A help file from K O Rajesh, MTC Kuttanad
28-10-2011Ernakulam Sub-District IT Fair Schedule
27-10-2011Implementation of Teachers' Package - Further Clarification
27-10-2011Relaxation of Age Limit - students of class X
27-10-2011DPI Circular about Pre-metric Scholarship distribution
26-10-2011VYPIN IT Fair Results UP - HS - HSS
26-10-2011Pay Fixation 2009 - Part time contingent employees - Further Clarification
26-10-2011CELT training for Primary teachers @ Bangalooru - Selected Teachers
24-10-2011UID for School Children - DPI's Circular
24-10-2011Staff Fixation - Appeal Hearing and File Adalath
24-10-2011SSLC Exam 2012 - HMs' Orientation program center
24-10-2011Vypin Sub DistrictSasthrolsavam Venue and Program schedule
23-10-2011Mid day Meal Program : Circular about including leafy vegetables in Curry - verification on the Mid day meal logo in the outside wall of Schools - Mid day Meal Logo (Colour)
23-10-2011Aluva Sub DistrictSasthrolsavam Results
22-10-2011SSLC Exam - 2012 (Notification) Malayalam - English
22-10-2011Ernakulam Revenue District Bala sasthra Congress
22-10-2011Cluster Training Fund Utilization - Circular from RMSA
22-10-2011Lump-sum grant- Avoid delay - Circular
22-10-2011Meeting of Ednl officers at Adhyapakabhavan, Thiruvananthapuram on 25-10-2011, 11 AM
22-10-2011Scheme for development of infrastructure in minority educational institutions of Elementary/Secondary and Higher secondary level : Instructions - Scheme (IDMI) - Application form
22-10-2011Scheme for providing quality education in Madrassa (SPQEM) Introduction - Instructions and Guidelines - Application Form
22-10-2011Inter District Transfer 2011-12
21-10-2011OSS Team - Substitute appointment regarding
20-10-2011Pay Revision 2009-Exercise of option on promotion-Modification
20-10-2011General Provident Fund(Kerala)Rules-Withdrawal from the Fund
20-10-2011KSR-Combination of Appointments-Payment of Special Allowance
20-10-2011Final seniority list of HMs/AEOs : Order - No. D4/81530/2010/DPI dated 24.09.2011
18-10-2011Aluva Sub District IT fair Competitions and venue
18-10-2011DPI Circular and Proforma to collect the details of actual number of pupils as on 3-10-2011
18-10-2011Ernakulam Sub District Science fair Competitions and venue (Modified)
18-10-2011Notification for LSS/USS Examination 2011-2012 - General instructions - Forms in Excel Format
18-10-2011Avoid term "Tribal" from the name of schools - Circular
17-10-2011Final Seniority List of HMs and AEOs for the period from 23/07/08 to 12/01/11
16-10-2011SSLC Exam 2012 Concessions to CWSN - Directions in English - LD Certificate form
16-10-2011Prospectus-cum-application form for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas TEST-2012 for admission in Class VI during academic session 2012-13
15-10-2011Temporary Advance - Drawal of Temporary Advance and delayed refund of excess advance - Levy of Interest Revised
15-10-2011Promotion and Postings of HM/TTIs/AEOs : Order - No.D5/6464/2011/DPI dtd 14.10.2011
14-10-2011Basic IT Training - IT@school Circular dated 10-10-2011
14-10-2011Conduct of festival & fairs - DPI Circular dated 12-10-2011
14-10-2011Mid Day Meal Scheme - Minimum wage of cook enhanced to Rs.150/- Order
13-10-2011SAMPOORNA - Latest Modifications
13-10-2011IT Fest Circular 2011-2012
13-10-2011Circular about STD X Social Science - Chapter 1 - Malayalam - English
12-10-2011Provisional List of Retrenched Teachers : Circular - No.H2/35920/11/DPI dated 12.10.2011
12-10-2011Ernakulam Ednal Sub District SDMA Secretary's Notice
11-10-2011Guide lines for issuing NOC for getting CBSE/ICSE affiliation
10-10-2011Answer Key - Inculcate screening Test for STD VIII 2009
10-10-2011Help file by Hassainar Mankada for installing Canon LBP2900B in Ubuntu
09-10-2011Date change in zonal sports championship
09-10-2011Sapak Thakkaro games - State team selection on 13th October
08-10-2011G.O.(P) No.205/2011/G.Edn dated 07.10.2011 (Erratum to G.O.(P) No.199/2011/GEdn dated 01.10.2011)
08-10-2011List of Excess Teachers working without salary and Protected Teachers: List of 3361 excess teachers working without salary (Appendix I) - List of 2939 protected teachers (Appendix II)
07-10-2011Samsung ML 1666 Printer Ubuntu Installation (From it@school Idukki)Printer Driver - Installation Manual
06-10-2011Children's Book festival :Inauguration - Letter to Schools
06-10-2011Sub District Science Fair Entry Forms: Science - Mathematics - Social Science - Work Experience Exhibition - Work Experience On the Spot - Information Technology
04-10-2011Scientific method of Appointment and Deployment of Teachers in Aided Schools - Implementation of Package
Order -G.O.(P) No.199/2011/G.Edn dated 01.10.2011
04-10-2011Ernakulam Educational Dist.- Details of English Club activities
04-10-2011Form for Commuted Leave.
04-10-2011Inculcate Scholarship Exam for STD VIII students
Model Questions 2009 - Model Questions 2010
04-10-2011DPI Circular on Sasthramela
04-10-2011Teachers' Package - Q&A from Niyamasabha
03-10-2011Pay Revision 2009 - Re-option Permitted
03-10-2011Ernakulam Dist. Transfer of Primary teachers
02-10-2011Gen.Edn-Promotion and Postings of HMs and AEOs
02-10-2011Manual for Science,Maths & Work Experience Fair 2009-10
02-10-2011School Kalolsava Manual - 2008
01-10-2011Sugama Hindi Pareeksha 2011
01-10-2011Malinya Vimuktha Keralam - 2011
01-10-2011NCERT State Level Science Fair 2011
28-09-2011Ernakulam : Sub district Level Maths Quiz 2011
LP Quiz - UP Quiz - HS Quiz
28-09-2011Part-Time Contingent Employees- Pension and related benefits-Revised
28-09-2011Kerala Service Rules Monetary Limits Revised
28-09-2011Defacement of Currency Notes-Instructions issued
28-09-2011An Important GO reg. deadlines of SPARK implementation in Offices
28-09-2011Fire Extinguisher - Circular from Gen.Edn.Dept.
27-09-2011School Vehicles - Security Directions. Circular - No.M4/40015/2011/DPI dated 27.9.2011
27-09-2011DPI Circular about Inter District Transfer
26-09-2011Special Conveyance Allowance-Admissibility during Special Casual Leave -GO(P)No.404/2011/ Fin Dated 24/09/2011.
26-09-2011Disbursement of Personal Entitlements of Employees through Banks-GO(P)No. 402/2011/Fin dated 23/09/2011.
26-09-2011Revised guidelines for LP/UP Basic facilities Data Entry
24-09-2011Transfer,Promotion and Postings of DDE and DEO
24-09-2011Grade soft 2009 : Easy way to find the grades upto 65 students
22-09-2011Availability of Computer & Accessories in Primary Schools - Circular - No.NEP3/53537/2011 dated 21.09.2011 - Instructions - Sample data entry form
21-09-2011Mathematics Olympiad - Last date Oct.25th
21-09-2011Pension Revision of Pre 01/07/2009 pensioners..Orders Issued
21-09-2011Important Circular from Textbook Officer
17-09-2011Ernakulam Rev.Dist. School Games Dates&Venues
16-09-2011Malayalam as the first language in all schools of Kerala -Orders Issued Order -G.O.(P) No.183/11/G.Edn. dated 01.09.2011
16-09-2011School Parliament Election 2011 -2012 for Muslim Calendar Schools - Circular No.H1/34559/2011/DPI Dated 12/09/2011
16-09-2011Module for 17/09/2011 Parental Awareness Training
16-09-2011Last Date for TTC Admission Extended
16-09-2011Latest DPI Circular on SAMPOORNA
15-09-2011District Merit Scholarship for full A+ winners for the year 2011-2012
15-09-2011Cancellation of Dies-non & service regularisation for strike on 17.2.2009 - GO(P)200/11/Gen. Admn Dated : 17/6/11
13-09-2011Application for the Correction of Date of Birth and latest Instructions - Correction of other details
13-09-2011Daily Wage of HSE teachers enhanced - GO(Rt) 3847/11 Gen. Edn dated 06-09-2011
13-09-2011Group Insurance Scheme- Rate of Subscription
- Revised Rate of Subscription
12-09-2011 Citizens' Charter of Director of Public Instructions
12-09-2011House Building Advance-Seniority List and Eligibility List- Published : Circular - Annexure I (Seniority List 2011-12) - Annexure II (Eligibility List 2011-12)
08-09-2011Onam Allowance Rs.1000 for Resource Teachers (Contract basis-IEDC)- GO(Rt) No.3768/2011/G.Edn Dated-01/09/11
08-09-2011Directions about the application for Booth Level Officer - Online Application
07-09-2011STD X Equivalency Results 2011
07-09-2011STD X Equivalency Revaluation Instruction
07-09-2011Remuneration for Pre-Primary Teachers & Ayas
07-09-2011Supplementary Allotment-4- Instructions to Principals
06-09-2011Salary Increment for Daily Wages Teachers of Govt. & Aided Schools
05-09-2011GO for Special Festival Allowance for Cooks of Noon Meal Programme
05-09-2011National School games State Team selection Urgent circular from DPI
04-09-2011How to resize many photos at a time? A Useful article from A P Ashraf
03-09-2011Arrears of Dearness Allowance-Crediting to PF Accounts-Time Limit Extended
03-09-2011Special Festival Allowance to Part time Contingent Family pensioners Sanctioned
03-09-2011Ernakulam DDE Mail : Collect the Balance SSLC contingent charges for the year 2010 on or before 07.09.2011 from EKM DDE office
02-09-2011SAMPOORNA- Extention of Date Reg.
02-09-2011TBO Circular about Text book Second Part Distribution
01-09-2011IEDC- Details of balance fund kept at different offices / Additional requirement reg- Letter from the DPI
01-09-2011Final Result of NTSE 2011
31-08-2011New Training package to Teachers - Data collection regarding training centers
29-08-2011B.Ed Admission 2011: Notification - Prospectus - College and Course List (Revised) - Press Release - Sign in/ Sign Up
29-08-2011DPI Circular about the directions regarding Special Fee/Festival/Athletic fee collection
29-08-2011Financial Assistance to children of workers in the field of Beedi/Lime stone etc.
29-08-2011Some Useful Tips on Ubuntu (Harisree, Palakkad)
29-08-2011Cartoon Animation Training during Onam Vacation 2011
27-08-2011Ad hoc Bonus/Special Festival Allowance 2011 to Govt.Employees/ Pensioners-Sanctioned : GO(P) No. 370 / 2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011
27-08-2011Onam Advance to Govt.Employees-Sanctioned : GO(P)No.371/2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011
27-08-2011Onam Advance to Part Time Contingent Employees Etc Sanctioned : G.O (Ms)No.373/2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011
27-08-2011Ad hoc Bonus /Special Festival Allowance to Part Time Contingent Employees-Modified G.O (Ms)No.372/2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011
27-08-2011Pareekshabhavan Circular about the Collection of Old certificates of SSLC/Say Exams
26-08-2011Clarification on a Govt. order reg. Appointment in
Aided Schools
- Old Order (GO(P) 10/10 G.Edn dated 12-01-2010
25-08-2011Provisional Seniority list of Headmasters
25-08-2011K Toon Software for Animation Training
24-08-2011National Award for Teachers for "Using Technology for Innovations in Education" : Entry Form - ICT Award Guidelines
22-08-2011Free distribution of 5 Kg of rice to Noon feeding, School Children coming under Mid Day Meal Scheme for the Onam 2011- Sanctioned
21-08-2011Cabinet Sub-Committee on raising of Retirement age and Right to Service Act
20-08-2011Pay Revision 2009-Time Limit for Exercising Option extended
20-08-2011DPI Circular about the Change of first day Onam Examination
20-08-2011Onam Exams - Letter from SSA regarding necessity of continuity in Exams for STD-1 & 2
19-08-2011Ramzan & Onam; Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances Order
19-08-2011DPI Circular about SAMPOORNA
18-08-2011SSA Circular about the directions for Onam Examination-2011
17-08-2011A Useful Presentation on SAMPOORNA
17-08-2011SAMPOORNA Data Capturing Format
17-08-2011DPI Circular about the Sanction of English medium Parallel division
17-08-2011A Useful Presentation for ICT awareness programme for Parents
14-08-2011DPI Circular about the ICT awareness programme for Parents - Module
13-08-2011Circular about the celebration of Independence day
12-08-2011Qualitative Improvements of Govt. and Aided Schools - Highlights of the report
12-08-2011SSLC ICT Resourses (Updated) : Mathematics - Chemistry - Physics - Biology - Social Science
11-08-2011Paternity leave sanctioned - Guidelines issued
11-08-2011Special Casual Leave for parents of physically/ mentally Challenged-Guidelines
11-08-2011Special Casual Leave to undergo Chemotherapy/ Radiation/Kidney Transplantation -Guidelines
11-08-2011Ernakulam Sub-District Science Club Competitions
10-08-2011Time Table for Onam Examination 2011 High School - LP & UP
10-08-2011School Parliament Election 2011-2012 Circular(Nomination Date Extended to 11-08-2011
09-08-2011Meeting for QEPR School HMs on 16/8/2011 - Letter from DPI.
09-08-2011SSLC Age relaxation - Extended to 30/8/2011
08-08-2011Maulana Azad National Scholarship Scheme for Girls belonging to Minorities
08-08-2011KGTE February 2011 Result
05-08-2011Recent Circular about Onam Examination 2011-2012
05-08-2011Pay Revision 2009-Kollam and Thrissur Corporations included among B2 class cities for the drawal of CCA
04-08-2011Application Form for State Level National Talent Search Examination and NMMS Examination 2011-2012
04-08-2011SSLC Equivalent Course Examination 5 th Batch
03-08-2011DPI Circular about Onam Examination 2011-12
03-08-2011CIRCULAR-STD X Equivalency examination 2011
02-08-20111:40 ratio - Instructions for releasing salary of teachers - Clarification
01-08-2011Instruction to release salary of Teachers and Non Teaching staff- after 15.07.2011
01-08-2011PTA Award for the year 2010-2011 : Circular - Proforma
01-08-2011State Eligibility Test-2011 : Prospectus - Online application
29-07-2011Ban of Narcotic/Alcoholic materials in the school premises -Circular of the DPI with further directions
28-07-2011Ente Bhasha - Seminar Program - Application Form
28-07-2011Teachers Day Celebrations 2011-2012
28-07-2011Adjustment Transfer of AEOs/HMs
27-07-2011August 1 : Career day celebrations on Higher secondary schools
26-07-2011Announcement for National Talent Search Examination 2012 - Application Form & Admit Card
26-07-2011Circular for Sanskrit Scholarship
21-07-2011National Means and Merit Scholarship(NMMS) Beneficieries 2011
20-07-2011Online form for Ernakulam Educational Dist. High Schools to submit to the MTC it@school
20-07-2011Financial help to the students who participated in school kalolsavam(Annual income below 75000)
18-07-2011Pay Revision 2009-Part-time Contingent Employees-Fixation of pay-Clarifications
15-07-2011Special Development Fund for MLAs 2011-12; First Installment released
11-07-2011Directions and application form about Teachers Award 2011-2012
10-07-2011Distance Mode Learning in Mathematics- DIET Palakkad
07-07-2011Circular from Text Book Officer
07-07-2011Basic Facilities in Govt./Aided Schools - Notification
05-07-2011Plus one Supplementary allotment : Instructions to Principals - Vacancy - Renewal Form - Application Form
04-07-2011How to recover forgotten Password in Ubuntu by Hakeem Mash Malappuram
03-07-2011HSE : School /Combination Transfer Allotment-Instructions to Principals
02-07-2011DPI Circular about Textbook shortage - Directions to Educational Officers
02-07-2011DPI Circular about Total Physical fitness Program 2011-12 - Directions about TPFP implementation
01-07-2011Government order : Malayalam to be made first language this year itself
01-07-2011Casual Leave extended to employees appointed other than through Employment Exchanges
30-06-2011Joseph Mundassery Award 2011-12 for teachers
29-06-2011Circular about Medical Camp for CWSN 2011-12
29-06-2011Details about Change of School and Combination
29-06-2011Higher Secondary - Vacancy details for change 
of School & Combination
28-06-2011House Building Advance-Online registration from
 01/07/2011 to 02/08/2011
28-06-2011Updated Pay fixation Software with Arrear Bill Facility
(Govinda Prasad, Clerk, TSNMHSS Kundurkunnu)
27-06-2011IEDC-Utilization of previous year's balance kept at offices
- Instructions
26-06-2011Banning Special/ Festival fees from pupils up to std VIII : DPI's 
Circular - Government order
26-06-2011Pay Revision 2004 : Sanctioning of HM (HG) to High 
School Head Masters, who had enjoyed notional fixation 
in the post of HSA Senior/Selection Grade up to 28-2-2006; 
25-06-2011Governer's speech in Niyamasabha
25-06-2011SSLC 2012 : Application form for Main Answer Book,
 Additional paper and CV Form
24-06-2011DPI Circular about Sanskrit Council formation
23-06-2011DPI's Circular on ICT Trainings for 2011-2012
21-06-2011Instruction to Principals-Third & SC/ST Special
21-06-2011Application for out of turn promotion as HM/AEO from Tamil/Kannada knowing HSA's
21-06-2011SSLC (PCN) Revaluation Results - 2011
21-06-2011SSLC Scrutiny Results - 2011
20-06-2011SCPTA-Enhancing Pedagogy Skills for Teacher Trainers, 
15-26 August 2011
20-06-2011Colombo Plan Training course on Professional Program for Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, 19 September-7 October 2011, Penang, Malaysia
20-06-2011Arabic Teachers Examination 2011 - Result
20-06-2011DLED - Hindi Revaluation Result 2011
18-06-2011Pre- Matric Scholarship Scheme 2010-11 - Beneficiaries List-I : Freshers List - Renewal List - Beneficiaries List-II
17-06-2011Issuing of State NOC to CBSE / ICSE Schools Gen Edn 10-06-2011
17-06-2011Inculcate scholarship scheme 2011-12 for students of Std VIII in Govt & Aided school - Application form
17-06-2011Price for STD X & STD IX (ICT only) Hand books
16-06-2011Promotion and postings in the cadre of HMs/AEOs
16-06-2011SSLC Revaluation Results - 2011 Second Spell
15-06-2011Scholarship scheme for IED Students-circular
15-06-2011Vidyaramgam Sahithya vedi 2011-12 :  Formation - Competitions
15-06-2011Sports 2011-12 & Athletic Fund
15-06-2011Application invited for Resource teacher (IEDSS) 2011-12'
13-06-2011SSLC PCN SAY 2011 - Results
13-06-2011Posting, Promotion, Transfer of ADPI, DDE's,DEO's
13-06-2011SSLC : Ensuring the age limit for the promotion to Std 10
13-06-2011Pre-metric minority scholarship - 2011-2012 - More Information
12-06-2011HSE SECOND ALLOTMENT- Instructions to Principals
11-06-2011DPI : Clarification regarding salary of protected teachers
10-06-2011Notification for Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course
10-06-2011HSE : Fresh Applications from SC/ST students- Instructions to Principals
08-06-2011Sixth working day consolidation Calculator for AEO offices, prepared by Vinoy Chandran.R, AEO office, Kannur North
08-06-2011Text Book Urgent : Circular - Format
08-06-2011Appointment of Clerk/Typist/Attender/Peon staff in LP/UP Language Teacher Post-Orders issued
07-06-2011Rate of Interest and Terms & Conditions Revised for the loans 
advanced by the State Government
07-06-2011ALEVEL Notification - 2011
07-06-2011DLED Application and Circular - 2011
07-06-2011THSLC SAY Result - 2011
07-06-2011First Allotment Instructions to Principals
06-05-2011DPI Circular : Instructions about the Noon Meal program for the year 2011-12
06-05-2011Government order about the power to put signature for the certificate of swimming
06-05-2011GO about Normalizing Grades CBSE
06-05-2011Government order : Plus One Admission to CBSE/ICSE Students
06-05-2011HSE : Single window : Application Form - Prospectus 2011(Eng.ver)
05-06-2011HSE Admission : Government order about Admission Register
05-06-2011HSE Admission : Form For Higher Option Deletion
05-06-2011HSE Admission: Admission Proforma for Schools
04-06-2011TTC Old Scheme Results - 2011
04-06-2011TTC Revaluation Form - 2011
04-06-2011STD X ICT Resources : Mathematics | Physics | Chemistry | Biology
03-06-2011THSLC Revaluation Results - 2011
02-06-2011One Day Verification 2011-12 : General Instructions - form for Schools - Directions to the Verification officers - Excel format
02-06-2011RMSA Circular about the utilization of grant issued for Govt Schools - Proforma
02-06-2011SCERT : Archival collection of Text books
02-06-2011Activities of Access Guidance
02-06-2011Technical schools are included in the Mid day Meal Scheme
02-06-2011Diploma Examination in Language Education (DLED) Hindi, Arabic, Urdu July-2011
02-06-2011Kerala Government Fine Arts Certificate Examination (KGCE) in Fine Arts Result- January 2011
31-05-2011Pre-Matric Scholarship 2011-12 : Instructions regarding application-Press Report - Notification - Application Form
31-05-2011Directions about sixth working day report
31-05-2011DPI circular about the Girls' safety in schools
31-05-2011Supply of Toilet soaps to all Educational institutions
30-05-2011SSLC SAY Exam Results announced
28-05-2011Rectification of Anomalies in the Pay Revision Order-Instructions issued
27-05-2011DPI Circular : Haritha Keralam Project 2011-2012 & Application form for the requirement of seeding in School
27-05-2011Plus one - Sports/Management/Community Quota Admissions-Instructions
26-05-2011SSLC Re-valuation Results March-2011
26-05-2011Plus one Trial Allotment : Format for correction - Instructions to : Students - Principals
25-05-2011RTE Act Gazette G.O (P) No 1002011 G.Edn Dt 30-04-2011 - About Teacher Eligibility Test
25-05-2011Entrance Rank list : Online Submission of marks of Qualifying Examination for preparation of Engineering/Medical Rank list
23-05-2011DPI Circular about Muslim/Nadar/Anglo indian/OBC/forward communities scholarship 2011-12 - Requirement statement for Various scholarship 2011-12
23-05-2011Plus Two Say Exam-2011 centres and attached schools
21-05-2011DPI Circular about the Implementation of Malayalam in Education department
21-05-2011DPI Circular : using school children for the functions; prohibited
21-05-2011Purchase of book named 'Community Policing' for Govt. School library
21-05-2011RMSA Sanction of new posts in newly upgraded schools
19-05-2011Inter district transfer of Govt.School teachers/HSAs/PDT's/Language Teachers/Specialist Teachers on compassionate ground list: Notification - Districtwise List
19-05-2011Recognition to service organizations of Teachers - conducting of Referendum - Orders issued
16-05-2011National Means Cum Merit Scholarship 2011-12 Examination Results
16-05-2011Guidlines on the mode of writing examination for students of unrecognised schools which opt admission to Govt/Aided/Recognised schools- Orders issued
16-05-2011Updated Pay fixation Software (Shijoy Thalakkotoor)
16-05-2011Higher Secondary Admission 2011 - IED Reference No.-clarifications
16-05-2011LD clerk exam and Subject teacher training - DPI's letter endorsing
15-05-2011SPARK Pay Revision Updation Help from it@school, Idukki
12-05-2011ADMISSION TO STD. XI IN THE TECHNICAL HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOLS UNDER IHRD 2011 – 2012 : Notification | Prospectus | Application
12-05-2011House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees; Extension of time
11-05-2011Special SAY & PCN Blank Hall ticket SSLC - 2011
10-05-2011Govt Order : Learning of Malayalam compulsory in schools
09-05-2011A Patch for the slow running of Biology Resources by Hakeem Mash - Read Me
09-05-2011Standard X : Text book price
07-05-2011Departmental Test 2011 - Notification
07-05-2011Circular No.25/2011/Fin Dated 06/05/2011 Authorisation for effecting payment of Dearness Relief to pensioners
07-05-2011G.O (P) No. 210/2011/Fin dated 06/05/2011 Erratum to the Govt.Order on DA/DR
07-05-2011Transfer- Circular on Hill area weightage reg
06-05-2011Proceedings For Inter District Teacher Transfer (2010 - 2011)
06-05-2011Circular about starting classes in newly upgraded schools
05-05-2011Finance dept.Clarification on TA Bills of Govt. Officers
05-05-2011Casual Sweepers' remuneration enhanced
04-05-2011Revised Distribution schedule- Chirag Laptop to Teachers
04-05-2011SAY - 2011 Notification : SSLC - THSLC - Hearing Impaired
04-05-2011Public Services-Appointment of Employees on Daily Wages-Enhancement of Daily Wages in respect of various categories
04-05-2011Plus one admission : Last Rank details-2010 Instructions
03-05-2011Help Desk for Plus one admission - List of Guidance team
01-05-2011GO(P) No.195/2011/(1)/Fin Dated 28/04/2011 Anomaly rectification- Reckoning of prior service for weightage-modified orders issued
01-05-2011A Useful File for the Openoffice Calc Users (C.P Abdul Hakeem, Malappuram)
29-04-2011An important information reg. pay revision in SPARK
29-04-2011Recognised unaided schools-salary revised
28-04-2011DRG Training from 2nd May- DPI Circular with Venues
28-04-2011SSLC - 2011 Revaluation Circular
28-04-2011Ranked List of candidates for appointment to rhe post of office assistant under IHRD
27-04-2011Laptop Distribution to Teachers : Wipro - Chirag
26-04-2011Spark - DA Arrear Preparation Tips
26-04-2011Circular on approval of IGNOU BEd reg.
26-04-2011Exemption from minimum Effective strength 2009-2010
26-04-2011Revised Pay Fixation Program for School Staff (Narendran. C V, B E M P H S S, Thalesserry.)
21-04-2011Teachers' Hand Book of ICT 9th Class (Draft)
20-04-2011Pay Revision 2009 – Circular Instructions from the AG
20-04-2011Statement form for Pay fixation | Option form (Official)
20-04-2011Provisional List of HM/AEO (Published on 18-04-2011)
20-04-2011Re-Valuation result-First year imp exam Sept,2010
19-04-2011Press release on SSLC Result through SMS by it@school
17-04-2011Much awaited Laptop Distribution to Teachers - WIPRO
12-04-2011Early disbursement of April's Salary G.O(P)No.184/2011/Fin dated 12/04/2011
12-04-20116% DA Order G.O (P) No. 180/2011/Fin dated 11/04/2011
12-04-2011Pay Revision Order-Directions issued to Heads of Departments
11-04-2011Norms for promotion for standard 1 to 9
11-04-2011Annual Examination Time Table for the Muslim Schools
11-04-2011Promotion List program in Open office Calc: Standard VIII | Standard IX (Narendran.C V, BEMP HSS Thalassery)
08-04-2011North Zone Math IX QP | Answer Key (Suresh Sir, GHSS Thirurangadi)
07-04-2011Re-attachment of District Co-ordinators and Master Trainers - it@school project - Proceedings of DPI
07-04-2011CR Required in the cadre of Junior Superintendents in the promotion of Senior Superintendents
07-04-2011CR Required in the cadre of HSAs for departmental promotion Commitee(Lower)2011
06-04-2011Pay fixation Software (Shijoy Thalakkottur)
06-04-2011Complaint Committee Against Sexual Harassment
06-04-2011Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of women at workplace bill (Draft)
06-04-2011Construction of buildings to Anganwadi centres in the premisis of Government educational Institution
06-04-2011Application for postal Ballot
06-04-2011Hand book for Presiding Officer-2009
06-04-2011Check list for presiding officer-2009
06-04-2011EVM - Electronic Voting Machine (Details) - PowerPoint Presentation
06-04-2011A Guide for voters
05-04-20113% reservation in appointment for physically handicapped candidates in Companies/Corporation/ Boards-orders issued
05-04-2011STD X & IX (IT only)- Change in Text book-Gazette Notification
04-04-2011Pension - Revision of Pension/Family Pension in respect of employees consequent on revision of pay scales from 01/07/2009 - Modification - Orders issued.
04-04-2011Aided schools clerk - exempted from Departmental test
02-04-2011DIET- Deputation of district programme officers to SSA-reversion to parent department -orders issued
02-04-2011TTC Course Notification and application formGovt & Aided TTC - Unaided TTC
31-03-2011Updated Pay Revision Order G.O/(P) No. 85/2011/Fin dated, 26/02/2011
30-03-2011Retirement on superannuation of gazetted ministerial officers
30-03-2011Charge arrangement-Full additional charge-gazetted teaching staff I -orders issued
30-03-2011Primary schools-Seniority of school teachers on retrenchment -clarification issued
30-03-2011Assurance of anti-ragging committee in schools- Circular
29-03-2011Loans and Advances sanctioned to state Government Employees - Recovery during April 2011 postponed
29-03-2011Kerala Police Act-2010 (Malayalam version)
29-03-2011Old circular about the misuse of official vehicle - 41/2008 Dated 02-08-2008
29-03-2011Circular for public about BPL Survey-2009 Time schedule for registration of complaints
27-03-2011IT@School Circular about Std IX ICT Training
26-03-2011Camp Certificate to be Produced before Camp Officers by Examiners SSLC - 2011
26-03-2011Higher secondary : Seat matrix verification for Admission 2011-2012
26-03-2011Directions about LSS/USS Valuation
26-03-2011Press release on online registration of HSAs for ICT Training
25-03-2011TimeTable for Practical Exam in Vocational Subjects for IED Candidates - 2011
24-03-2011IT Practical Examination for Losers
23-03-2011Mother tongue learning in Kerala - Report and Suggestions Report - Practical Instructions
23-03-2011Final seniority list of Kannada knowing HSA eligible for Promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10
23-03-2011Final seniority list of Tamil knowing HSA eligible for Promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10s
22-03-2011Group Insurance - Extended table of benefits
20-03-2011Provision for Online Admit Cards for Entrance Examination-2011
20-03-2011FIXATION Ready Reckoner- Prepared by N.P Krishnadas
20-03-2011Pay fixation Excel Program version-3.75, Prepared by Shijoy@yahoo.com
19-03-2011SITC Remuneration Circular - Application Form
19-03-2011Pay fixation Excel Program Prepared by Sudheer, Vandithavalam
19-03-2011Degree of Tripple Main as alternative qualification for High School Assistant-accepted -Orders issued
19-03-2011B.Ed degree in LIFE SCIENCE equated to B.Ed degree in NATURAL SCIENCE- Orders issued
19-03-2011KGTE Printing Technology Practical Results - 2011
18-03-2011Pension Revision Order
18-03-2011list of Semis codes for school Mapping for All Districts
18-03-2011SEMIS Codes Ernakulam - Trissur - Palakkad
15-03-2011SEMIS DCF(Data Capturing Format)for the year 2010-11
11-03-2011Group Insurance Scheme - Extended table of benefits to the Group Insurance Scheme
10-03-2011SSLC EXAM-2011 Concession CWSN Students(Third List)
10-03-2011Salary disbursement according to codel provisions
10-03-2011TTC Admission Ticket - 2011
10-03-2011LP-UP Annual Examination Time Table-March 2011
10-03-2011State Level NTS Examination 2010-11 Result
10-03-2011TTC Exam Concession to CWSN March 2011
10-03-2011Details about SSLC Valuation Duty
09-03-2011Appointment of Aided School Teachers - Detailed Clarification
09-03-2011Priority of 43 Claimants over 51A in Aided Schools ("New Schools")- Clarification
09-03-2011IT@School Project - Right to Information Act 2005 - Appointment of Appellate Authority
09-03-2011ICT Education in STD IX Circular
07-03-2011Guidelines for procurement of Computers and Hardware for schools using MP/MLA/LSG funds – Revised order
05-03-2011Basic Facilities in Schools - Letter from DPI
05-03-2011SSLC 2001 : Order and List of CWSN Students Eligible for exam concession (Second List)
05-03-2011Pay Revision in Universities
03-03-2011Pay Revision Order G.O/(P) No. 85/2011/Fin dated, 26/02/2011
28-02-2011Time Table for UP-LP (HS attached)
28-02-2011SSLC 2011 - Blank ICR Form
28-02-2011Application Form for Assistant Examiner - TTC 2011
26-02-2011EKM DEO Urgent Mail about the required Toilet and Urinals
25-02-2011DPI circular about Transfer And Postings
25-02-2011Final Seniority list of HSAs for the period from 01/01/1991 to 31/12/1996 Order - Final seniority list of HSA
24-02-2011Guidelines for procurement of Computers and Hardware for schools using MP/MLA/LSG funds – Orders revised
24-02-2011SSLC March 2011 - concession granted to CWSN under IED
24-02-2011List of IED Students for all Districts for SSLC 2011
23-02-2011ICT textbook for standard 9 : Malayalam - English - Tamil
23-02-2011S.S.L.C 2010 -'11 - Blank Hall Ticket
23-02-2011Directions to the Chief Superintendents about SSLC Examination
23-02-2011Attendance and Acquittance models for SSLC IT Exam
23-02-2011LSS/USS exams & Screening test - Common Instructions
22-02-2011LSS-USS admissible Expenditure
22-02-2011KASEPF PROFORMA 4 5 (Prepared by Soman Master, Sadgamaya)
21-02-2011Provisional seniority list of Kannada Knowing HSAs eligible for promotion as Headmaster for the year 2009-10
21-02-2011Income Tax Statement (for all) - Form No 16 (If Tax deducted at source on Salary)
21-02-2011SSLC IT Practical Exam Manual
19-02-2011Notification for Civil Services Examination 2011
19-02-2011Time Table for TTC Model Examination 2011
19-02-2011ICT Scheme -Generator wiring diagram
19-02-2011Total Physical Fitness Programme : Students Qualified for 2nd Phase Testing Ernakulam - Aluva - Moovattupuzha - Kothamangalam
19-02-2011Circular from Text book officer about online indenting
18-02-2011Salary Revised for Recognised Un-aided Schools
17-02-2011Inculcate Scholarship Scheme 2010-11 : List of Students Selected
16-02-2011Circular - Special Allowance to Officers involved in money transaction and those engaged for Treasury duty
14-02-2011Circular from Text book Officer about online indent
14-02-2011Ernakulam District ICT Distribution Time Schedules: Aluva - Ernakulam- Muvattupuzha
14-02-2011Circular on SSLC I.T Practical Examination 2010 - '11
14-02-2011B.Ed Training Course 2011-2012-Circular and Application
14-02-2011TTC Course 2011-2012 -Circular and Application form
14-02-2011Circular about Diploma in Language education(Arabic,Urudu)& Application form: General Quota - Departmental Quota
14-02-2011Diploma in Language Education(Hindi) Course under Departmental Quota 2011-2012-Circular and Application form
12-02-2011Show Cause Notice to Aided School Managers on providing basic facilities in schools
11-02-2011IT Practical Annual exam 2011 for STD VIII & IX
11-02-2011SSLC -2011 Hall Ticket download - reg;
11-02-2011ICT Distribution to Schools - Ernakulam District (Full)
10-02-2011Budget Speech Malyalam - English
10-02-2011Budget In Brief Part A - Part B - Part C
10-02-2011Annual Plan 2011-12 Introduction - pages 1 to 193 - Pages 194-429
10-02-2011Online Transfer of HM / AEO Circular DPI 01-02-2011
10-02-2011SSLC 2011-Circular for CWSN Students
09-02-2011Laptop to teachers - Price- clerical mistake rectified-Circular
09-02-2011Availing Maternity Leave in different spell - Clrification issued
08-02-2011DPI Circular on Transfer and Postings 2011-2012
08-02-2011Holiday for Milad-e-Sherieff (Regularization of Holiday-order issued)
06-02-2011Directions about the wiring for 3 KVA Online UPS
06-02-2011USS / LSS Consolidation Sheet
05-02-2011Order - Degree of Tripple Main as alternative qualification for HSA - Accepted-
03-02-2011Income Tax Statement Preparation program in Malayalam - Prepared by BABU. V.A, Commerce Teacher, KNMVHSS Vatanappally
03-02-2011Laptop/Netbook Roadshow Details
02-02-2011Higher Secondary Exam- March 2011-Guidelines for submitting applications for Grace marks-regarding.
02-02-2011The Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths Programme (JENESYS)
01-02-2011SSLC Exam 2011-Instructions to cheif/deputy supdt
31-01-2011SSA Circular about Literary workshop 2010-11
31-01-2011Duty time arrangement of staffs deputed for Census work.
31-01-2011DPI Circular about TPA Account
29-01-2011LSS/USS exams & Screening test - Common Instructions
29-01-2011GPAI Scheme; extension of the time limit for joining the scheme
29-01-2011Full DEO with AEO, Society & Schoolls List for indenting of Textbooks for 2011-2012
29-01-2011Income Tax Calculator 2010-2011 prepared by V.Muraleedharan, Sree Neelakanta Govt. Sanskrit College, Pattambi
28-01-2011Excel Program for the preparation of Arrear DA (16%) Prepared by Prasanth P S, HSST (English), Govt: HSS Punnamoodu (1038), Thiruvananthapuram - 20
28-01-2011Applications invited for enrolment as Assistant Superintendents/Invigilators (External) for PSC Examinations Press Release - Details and Application Form
26-01-2011Circular & directions for General transfer of Junior Superintendents ; date extended to Feb 5
25-01-2011Treasury Fixed Deposits; rates of interest revised
25-01-2011DPI Circular on Milk supply
25-01-2011Instalation guide-SSLC 2011 Model IT Practical Examination
24-01-2011SSLC 2011 Model IT Practical Exam
23-01-2011Income Tax Deduction from salaries during 2010-2011
22-01-2011Annual Examination 2011 - Time Table
22-01-2011SSLC Model Exam Time Table February 2011
21-01-2011USS/LSS Question Paper Statement 2011
21-01-2011Circular on Grace Marks(Sports)
20-01-2011PSC News: From 1st March 2011, Candidates have to prove their identity in the PSC examination hall with proper documents
19-01-2011Final version of "The Kerala Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules 2010 as on 14.01.2011
19-01-2011IT@School Circular about Laptop and Netbook for Teachers - Malayalam - English
19-01-2011DPI Circular on Spark Implementation
18-01-201116% increase in DA ordered
18-01-2011Circular about the CE monitoring for STD VIII , IX
18-01-2011Day off for night duty in SSLC dates
18-01-2011Performa to be submitted by ERNAKULAM Ednl.Dist. SITC's on SSLC IT Practical
18-01-2011Prospectus for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011
18-01-2011Time Table for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011
18-01-2011Notification for Kerala Engineering And Medical Entrance Exam 2011English - Malayalam
18-01-2011How Normalization of marks is done
18-01-2011List of Post Offices from where Application Forms are sold List in English - List in Malayalam
18-01-2011Entrance Exam: GO about the Prospectus for Admission to Professional Degree Courses 2011
18-01-2011Entrance Exam: Normalization Committee Expansion
18-01-2011Entrance Exam Reforms for Engineering stream
17-01-2011State Kalolsavam 2011 - Updated Program Notice
17-01-2011Premetric scholarship 2010 -11 Fresher List - Renewal list
17-01-2011DPI Circular about the transfer of Ministerial staff (Gazetted)
16-01-2011Venue of State SRG Training Centers
16-01-2011Notification-Arabic Teachers Examination April 2011
14-01-2011State IT Fest Results: HS Section - HSS Section
14-01-2011Crediting of DA Arrears to PF Accounts - Time limit extended
14-01-2011Observance of Palliative Care Day
14-01-2011Circular on C.E Score SSLC 2010-'11
13-01-2011Portions avoided for SSLC Examination 2010 -11
11-01-2011State IT Fest - Program notice
11-01-2011Samsung ML1640 PRINTER - Refilling Instructions
11-01-2011Canon Lide 100 Scanner Driver for Ubuntu
09-01-2011Laptop for Teachers - Draft Concept Note English - Malayalam
08-01-2011State Sasthramela - Overall Results
07-01-2011USS/LSS Notification 2010- 11 - Registration Form
07-01-2011GPF Calculator Version 2.2 (Excel Program prepared by Ajayakumar, Head clerk Mullasserry block, Trichur)
06-01-2011Employees Leaving the Country for Visiting Children - Guidelines Issued
06-01-2011Voluntary retirement and Invalid Pension - Allowance of weightage on unification of date of retirement - Orders issued.
06-01-2011State Work Experience Fair UP Results
05-01-20119th Pay Commission Report (Updated)
05-01-2011Manual for Kerala State Special School Kalothsavam
04-01-2011Circular for ACE/AE of SSLC - 2011
04-01-2011General Instruction for ACE/AE of SSLC-2011 Application Filling
01-01-2011Muslim Girls - Nadar Scholarship 2011
01-01-2011Application for the National Award for Teachers for use of ICT in Education - Instructions
01-01-2011Regularisation order: Leave Sanctioned on the National strike dated 07-09-2010
01-01-2011Ration Rice to Noon Meal Cooks in Schools
31-12-2010Muslim Nadar Girls Scholarship (MNS) 2010-11: Notification Issued
29-12-2010List of HSA's to be considered(CR required 2008-2010)for the DPC meeting to be held during the year 2011
28-12-2010Diploma Examination in Language Education (Hindi/Arabic/Urdu) Results 2010
28-12-2010Blind/PH Scholarship(BPHFC) 2010-11: Notification Issued
28-12-2010Provisional seniority list of Educational officers
Govt Order - Seniority list
28-12-2010In partial modification of G.O (P) No.602/2010/Fin dated 19/11/2010 Government have ordered
27-12-2010State IT Fest DPI Circular
24-12-2010Scholarship distribution : Video Conference for Educational officers & staff
23-12-2010Supernumerary Post against retirement vacancies Orders issued-
22-12-2010Entry Form, ID Card, etc. State Sasthramela at Aluva
22-12-2010SSITC Schedule Ernakulam - Aluva
22-12-2010Winners of Regional Math Olympiad
21-12-2010SSITC Training Module
21-12-2010Seniority List of State wise By-Transfer appointment of HSST/HSST(Jr.)
17-12-2010Transfer Promotion and Postings of HM's and AEO's
17-12-2010Press Release about the RTE Act - Kerala RTE Rules 17-12-2010
17-12-2010DPC Higher Lower 2011
16-12-2010Early Disbursement of Salary
16-12-2010Prevention of Ragging & Eve teasing in school premises; Instructions
16-12-2010Examination Calendar 2011-2012
15-12-2010Appointment of Teaching /Non-Teaching staffs in Panchayath Schools -Loss of posts-guidelines issued
15-12-2010Promotion of Kannada graduate teachers as HM - Orders issued
14-12-2010Date of birth change for pupils transfered to Central syllabus
14-12-2010Casual leave for provisional employees
13-12-2010HSST Junior Transfer (General) List
11-12-2010An important Circular from Pareeksha Bhavan to Headmasters reg. SSLC 2011
11-12-2010Census 2011-Second phase of census duty
11-12-2010Higher Secondary : Remittance of Youth Festival Fund-reg
10-12-2010Revised the rate of DA w.e.f 01/07/2010 to State Service Pensioners/Family Pensioners
09-12-2010Notification : District Merit Scholarship:2010-11
09-12-2010Notification : Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship (SJMS) 2010-11
09-12-2010Notifcation : State Merit Scholarship (SMS)2010-11
09-12-2010Notification : Muslim Girls Scholarship (MGS)2010-11
09-12-2010Pledge for Energy Conservation Day (December 14)
09-12-2010RMSA : Up-gradation of High Schools
08-12-2010RMSA : School photos required for major repairing works
07-12-2010SSLC PCN candidates' Fees Date Extension Regarding
07-12-2010Self Drawing Officers' Salary through Treasury Savings Bank accounts with effect from 01/01/2011; ordered
04-12-2010Notification : Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Scholarship 2010-11
04-12-2010DPI Circular about Sainik School Entrance Examination
04-12-2010Sainik School Entrance Examinatio n
Letter - Prospectus - Application Form - Model QP
03-12-2010TTC 2011 - Notification
03-12-2010SSLC : Date of Birth Application -Duplicate Application
03-12-2010GIS - Modification of existing C Form for GIS - Reg
03-12-2010KSCTE : Launching of National Green Corps - Reconstitution of district implementing and monitoring committee
02-12-2010Sanskrit scholarship exam(Central scheme) date change - DPI's Circular
01-12-2010Hindi Diploma in Language Education Course-2011 - 2012
General Quota
- Self-Financing Quota
30-11-2010Pledge for the day of elephantiasis prevention
29-11-2010The seniority list of HSAs to be promoted as HSST
28-11-2010Proceedings - Provisional Rank List(Compassionate) - Provisional Rank List(General) - Provisional Transfer List(Compassionate) - Provisional Transfer List(General)
28-11-2010Higher Secondary : Uploading-Registration-II YEAR-Instructions
27-11-2010State Insurance; Introduction of Dhana Varsha and Dhana Samrudhi insurance schemes
27-11-2010DPI Circular : Teachers Empowerment Program Scheduled on Nov27 Postponed to December 4
27-11-2010World Aids day Pledge & Circular
27-11-2010DPI Circular about Milk distribution in schools
26-11-2010HM Promotion - HM Transfer
26-11-2010A Useful TIP on SPARK by Anil Aavani
25-11-2010Entry Form - District IT Mela
25-11-2010Circular about the data collection of Scholarship distribution in schools from 2006-2007 onwards
25-11-2010Ernakulam District School Kalolsavam When & where
25-11-2010Circular-utilisation of special fee for the Computer purchase for Upper Primary Schools
25-11-2010"Keralanadanam" included in kalolsavam
24-11-2010Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme through Kerala State Insurance Department for the year 2011
24-11-2010Group Insurance Account (GIS) statement format
24-11-2010Form -B revised for showing deduction towards GIS
Excel format
23-11-2010Higher Secondary : meritcum-Merit cum Means Entry: password
23-11-2010Higher Secondary FDP-Changes in venues and date of HSST Training November 2010
22-11-2010Report on the visit of NCPCR to Kerala to look in to the matter of sexual exploitation of children in tourist places of Kerala
22-11-2010DPI Circular about Sexual Exploitation of Children
22-11-2010Promotion,Transfer and Posting of Educational Officers -Orders Issued - Joint Director ,DDEs and DEOs - Junior Superintendent /Head Clerks - Senior Superintendent /Supervisorss - Ratio Promotion of Senior Superintendents - Text Book Officers
20-11-2010DEO Direct Recruitment List
20-11-20105% increase in the basic pension/family pension to who retired/expired while in service during the period from 01.03.2002 to 30.06.2004
18-11-2010Final Seniority list of Kannada HSAs eligible for HM promotion Order
12-11-2010Circular about the online data entry of Sports & Games
10-11-2010Plus One Examination 2010-11: Nominal Roll
10-11-2010Tamil Medium Status Co Order
10-11-2010Retention of full time posts by virtue of Group "C' diversion -cancelled- Order issued
10-11-2010DPI Circular about the directions on Conducting Science Fair
10-11-2010Higher Secondary: Remittance of Share of Youth Festival Fees-Circular issued
10-11-2010Higher Secondary: Remittance of Fee for Sports Meet.during 2010-11
09-11-2010Lida Jacob Commission Report about RTE Act (Updated on 9-11-2010 with forms & affidavits)
10-11-2010The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (Dated : 27-8-2009)
09-11-2010Arabic Kalolsavam Revised Evaluation Tools
09-11-2010TTC Revaluation Results 2010 - I year School Going - I year Repeat - II year School Going - II year Repeat
07-11-2010Higher Secondary First Year Improvement Exam-Sept-2010-Result published-reg
06-11-2010Answer Key for all zones STD IX Physics
STD VIII Maths: South Zone | Central Zone | North Zone
06-11-2010Physical Education -Qualification of Teachers Revised Orders issued
04-11-2010GIS Extension of time limit
04-11-2010Directions to the organizers of Maths Fair
04-11-2010Application form for the SSLC Duty as Dy. Chief Supt & Invigilator in Gulf & Lakshadweep
04-11-2010For Govt Schools : circular to utilize special fee amount for the purchase of Library books in "1000 books for 1003 schools" scheme
02-11-2010ICT Toll Free Numbers
01-11-2010SIEMAT School Codes Ernakulam District
01-11-2010GO about Protected teachers salary - Order
31-10-2010DPI Circular about contingent charge for Milk Supply
31-10-2010School Statistics Guidelines
31-10-2010School Statistics-Activity Calendar
31-10-2010School Statistics-Proforma
30-10-2010Re-arrangement of Protected Teachers: Disciplinary action - Order
29-10-2010Haritha Vidyalayam : List of selected Schools
29-10-2010DPI Circular about Malayalam Bhasha Dinakhosham
29-10-2010Ernakulam District : IT Fair- Instructions & Entry form
28-10-2010DPI Circular on IT Practical Mid term Examination
28-10-2010IT@SchoolCircular on ICT Audit - Proforma
28-10-2010Departmental Test-Jan 2011 Instructions
to apply
- Registration Link
24-10-2010ICT Hand Book for the preparation of IT Audit
21-10-2010LP-UP Half Yearly Examination-2010 Time table
21-10-2010High School half Yearly Examination-2010 Time table
21-10-2010Higher Secondary Examination - 2011 Notification
20-10-2010SSLC (Hearing Impaired) Notification-2011
20-10-2010THSLC Notification-2011
20-10-2010AHSLC-2011 Notification
18-10-2010Govt Order about the IT Audit in schools
18-10-2010Spread Sheet formats for noon meal program up to 40 divisions prepared by Jose Abraham, S.S.H.S.S. Moorkanad, Mpm
14-10-2010Spread sheet format for noon meal program Prepared by Soman Master, Sadgamaya
14-10-2010ViCTORS Channel Inviting proposal for Video Streaming (Last date: on or before 23rd October 2010)
13-10-2010DPI Circular about HSS/HS/UP IT Fair-2010-11
13-10-2010Inter district Transfer 2010 -2011 Instructions for HMs/AEOs and DEOs
13-10-2010Maths Fair: Paper Presentation Subjects
13-10-2010Facilities and Concessions to the staff engaged for the census duty
12-10-2010DPI Circular about Milk Supply to School Children
12-10-2010Higher Secondary Principal Promotion : Departmental Promotion Committee Approved List
11-10-2010Encashment of D.A arrear in cash to those retire on or before 31/03/2011
08-10-2010Public Holidys for the Calender year 2011
06-10-2010DPI Circular on Model ICT School
05-10-2010Inter District Transfer of Teachers - Notification
04-10-2010Appointment approval in additional division - Clarification
04-10-2010Circular about National Teachers' Award - Directions
01-10-2010Protection of Aided School Teachers in Parent Schools -
01-10-2010October 2 : Gandhi Jayanthi -Total sanitation campaign
01-10-2010DPI Circular on Green School Reality Schow (Haritha Vidyalayam) - Website link
01-10-2010HBA; state wise seniority list and combined state wise eligibility list for 2010-11 published - Annexure I - Annexure II
01-10-2010Promotion of School Sanitation & Hygiene Education
Booklet - Checklist - Presentation
30-09-2010Milk Supply to the School Children
Address of District wise Milma Mangers
29-09-2010Competition on energy conservation - Details
27-09-2010DPI : Half yearly Examination postponed due to Election
27-09-2010Collection of School Statistics School Level :
Data collection format - Guidelines
27-09-2010Promotion of HSST as HM AEO WP(C) Complied with General Education
26-09-2010DPI: Latest circular on Noon Meal Program
26-09-2010Ready Reckoner (a table for Cooking Expense)
26-09-2010NMP1-(pdf) - NMP1-(Spread sheet) - Form K2-(pdf) - Form K2-(Spread sheet)
26-09-2010To know the price of Egg Click Here See the price of Namakkal Average Price of the Month + 40 paise for transportation
26-09-2010Teacher Student Ratio 1:40 Order Gen Education
26-09-2010DPI Directions to the Employees & School Staff
26-09-2010Circular about Plus One - Plus Two Mid Term Examination
24-09-2010'Haritha Vidyalayam' Educational Reality Show Guideline - Application Form
24-09-2010Sugama Hindi Examination-2011 (Date : 22-01-2011)
24-09-2010Vigilance / Security Committees in Schools
23-09-2010VSSC - World Space Week Celebrations
22-09-2010Orders to use new Symbol for the Indian Rupee in Treasury forms - Rupee Font
22-09-2010Clean School Program - Directions - Questionnaire
22-09-2010Mid Term Time Table - October 2010 (Primary)
20-09-2010Mid Term Time Table-October 2010 (HS)
19-09-2010First CEP workshop on Math Modelling for math/Science teachers at IIT Mumbai
19-09-2010DPI Circular about Milk Supply to the Students up to standard VIII
19-09-2010HBA; Extension of the date for drawal of the sanctioned Advance
19-09-2010New Schedule for GIS deduction for SDOs
17-09-2010Press Release by Executive Director it@school
17-09-2010Circular on Software Freedom Day
16-09-2010DPI Circular against Corporal Punishment
QIP/54527/2010/DPI dated 8-9-2010
15-09-2010Computer printed Birth certificates issued by the localbody should be consider as a proof
15-09-2010Notice Published from CUSAT about Mathematical Olympiad
14-09-2010Year Plan : Standard VIII - Standard IX - Standard X
14-09-2010Gandhi Jayanthi Quiz Competition
14-09-2010DPI Circular about Total Physical Fitness Program 2010-2011
13-09-2010TPFP- 2nd phase results 2010 published
10-09-2010SSLC Examination 2011: Education district wise HM Conference Venue & date
09-09-2010SSLC 2010-11 Notification Malayalam version - Englis version
09-09-2010Kerala State Bharath Scout and Guides : Election Notification
09-09-2010Details about Mathematical Olympiad - Exam date published
09-09-2010Educational Reality Show Conducted by Education Department
08-09-2010Financial Assistance to CWSN from 1 to 8 Classes
08-09-2010Financial Assistance to CWSN from IX to XII Classes
06-09-2010Local Government Institutions; Details of utilization of devolved funds called for
04-09-2010DPI Circular : UP Schools included in SEED program launched by Mathrubhumi
04-09-2010DPI Circular about Teacher Empowerment program
03-09-2010Crediting of DA arrear to PF; time-limit extended
03-09-2010Transfer and Postings : Inter district transfer 2010-11 - Revised Order
03-09-2010Directions about the work experiance club in schools
03-09-2010Vidyaramgam Kala sahithya vedi : Competition items
03-09-2010ROLE PLAY Competition (2010 - 11)Conducted by State Council of Educational Research and Training
03-09-2010Proforma Renewal of National Scholarship for 2011-12
30-08-2010Pre-Planning for Teacher Empowerment Programme on 04-09-2010 & 25-09-2010
28-08-2010Text Book distribution for 2010-11 : Directions for Accounting
28-08-2010TTC 2010 - Notification for Revaluation and application
28-08-2010School Sanitation program 2010-11 : Booklet - Checklist - Module - Presentation
24-08-2010Malayalam Typing - Proper finguring(Pradeep Mattara, Master Trainer, Malappuram
22-08-2010Inter District Transfer & Postings : Sample Application form
21-08-2010DPI Cirular about Inter department Transfer
21-08-2010SLI Loan : Increase in number of instalements for the repayment of loans under SLI.
20-08-2010Vidyaramgam Kala sahitya vedi : Competitions - 2010-11
20-08-2010DPI Cirular about LPSA-UPSA Seniority & Clarifications
20-08-2010Circular about New symbol for the Indian Rupee
19-08-2010IT@School Circular on Electrification of Class Rooms reg.
18-08-2010Inviting paintings from students for preparing Childen's Day stamp
18-08-2010SSLC Coningent bills new CICULAR
18-08-2010Children's Educational Film Fest-Notification & Application Form
18-08-2010Implementation of Judgment General Education 3-06-10
17-08-2010Festival allowance to Cook (Rs.500/-) who are working as part of the Noon Meal Program in schools
17-08-2010Free distribution of 5 Kg of rice to Noon feeding, School Children coming under Mid Day Meal Scheme for the Onam 2010- Sanctioned
16-08-2010ICT scheme - Instructions for Govt./ Aided
schools for online submission of ICT hardware requirement for
the academic year 2010-11
14-08-2010National Means cum Merit Examination : Notifications and Application Forms
14-08-2010Unification of retirement date; creation of supernumerary posts during 2010-11
13-08-2010Accident insurance to students extended
13-08-2010Modification to Orders on Onam Advance
13-08-2010Special FA to Part-time contingent employees; modification
13-08-2010Special Festival Allowance to ASHA workers
12-08-2010HSE Unaided - Proforma for New Unaided Schools
12-08-2010Appointment of Guest Teachers in Higher Secondary Section
11-08-2010'Flower Carpet' Competition for Schools by St.Antony's HSS Kacherippady, Ernakulam
11-08-2010General Election 2010/Byelection : Rates of TA/DA to personnel posted for duty - Rates Revised
10-08-2010Detailed instruction about Model ICT Classrooms
10-08-2010Competitions for Schools by Mar Basil School, Kothamangalam
10-08-2010Spark : Guidelines for Processing festival allowance, advance, Bonus and DA arrears
08-08-2010Ad Hoc Bonus & Special Festival Allowance
08-08-2010Onam Advance of Rs.7500/- will be recovered in 5 equal monthly instalments (disbursed from 18/08/2010 onwards)
08-08-2010Onam Advance of Rs.1000/- to part-time contingent employees
08-08-2010A Very useful teaching resource for teachers teaching english in class IX
07-08-2010A Useful Guide on SPARK in Malayalam
07-08-2010Committe constituted for clubbing of Physical Education Teachers in Kerala schools
07-08-2010Circular of Text Book Officer about the distribution of text books for the year 2010-2011
05-08-2010Application & directions for the correction of date of birth in School records
03-08-2010DPI Circular about the Staff fixation & July Salary
02-08-2010Concessions to CWSN Students appearing SSLC equivalent Exam
02-08-2010DPI : School Parliament Election Previous orders
dated 5-11-2007 & 9-7-2009
02-08-2010School Parliament Election 2010 : Special order for the schools following Muslim Calendar
02-08-2010School Parliament Election 2010-2011
01-08-2010Salary & Allowances of August, 2010 : Early disbursement in connection with onam festival
31-07-2010Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA) Frame Work for Implementation
30-07-2010GPF Calculator-2010 prepared by R.Ajayakumar,Head Clerk,Block Office,Mullasserry,Thrissur
29-07-2010Staff Fixation 2010-11 : Date extended to 14-8-2010 Gazatte Nofification
28-07-2010State NTS Examination 2010 CIRCULAR - Application form
27-07-2010SSLC revaluation results - Third Spell
26-07-2010protected teachers to be served in Juvenile homes
26-07-2010An old order allowing Aided schools to draw the required amount to join ICT Scheme from Special fee accumulated balance etc.
25-07-2010Short listed books - 1000 books for 1000 School Libraries: Circular - School List - List of Books - Essential Books - Venue of Exhibition
24-07-2010Link for Edusoft package CD image for SGL Lenny 3.8
23-07-2010General Education Year plan : Standard X - Standard IX - Standard VIII
23-07-2010Important instructions to implement ICT in schools reg
23-07-2010Circular about Inspire Award :2009-2010 Directions about State/District Level Exibition
22-07-2010Government Order about the sanctionong of new Higher Secondary Schools
22-07-2010DPI circular about Science/maths/Social & other club formation in schools
21-07-2010HSE : Directions for the implementation of ICT in Higher secondary schools
21-07-2010Questionaire for finding the best PTA from the schools in Kerala State
19-07-2010Pre-matric Scholarship 2010-11 - extension of date of Pre Matric Scholarship 2010-2011
19-07-2010DPI circular about the 30 days English Teachers' Training at Banglore
19-07-2010Inspire award : Distribution of Demand Draft for the selected stuents
17-07-2010Seminar Cum Exhibition being organized by Institute of Sciecntific Research & Training, TVM
17-07-2010EKM DDE :T.T.C Admission 2010 - Second Allotment & Interview Notification
16-07-2010HSE Department : Display of Guidelines about the Tobacco free Schools/Educational Institutions
15-07-2010DA/DR increased to 78%; Orders Issued
15-07-2010Noon Meal Program: Egg Distribution Poultry Development Corporation as Agency
15-07-2010Noon Meal Program: E-Banking for contingent charge distribution
13-07-2010Advertisement for National Talent Search Examination 2011 - Application Form 2011 - Learn about the test
13-07-2010List of Candidates Selected For Interview (NTSE 2010)
13-07-2010Report of the committee for revamping scholarship schemes
11-07-2010Higher Secondary Education : Vacancies for Supplementary Allotment for plus one admission
10-07-2010Income Tax deduction from Salaries under section 192 of the Income tax act 1961 During the financial year 2009-10
10-07-2010Income Tax return - Saral-II (ITR 1) form - Word format
10-07-2010Finance : Income Tax; e-tutorial on TDS provisions - Format of forms
10-07-2010Ernakulam DDE Circular : regarding the Training on SPARK for UP/LP Section
09-07-2010DPI Circular about the appointment of teachers instead of the teachers who selected in OSS Team
09-07-2010Inculcate Scholarship 2010-2011 - Application for screening Test
08-07-2010Set 2010 Exam Result & Directions to collect the Certificate for winners
08-07-2010HSE : School Transfer & Supplementary Allotment Instruction
08-07-2010Secondary-Higher secondary Exam-2011
-- Model Score Sheet
07-07-2010Higher Secondary Education : Marginal Increase of Unaided Plus one seats
07-07-2010A Help file to share Printer on Ubuntu
06-07-2010Premetric Scholarship 2010-2011 : Circular for Headmasters - Circular for AEO/DEO - Consolidation Proforma
06-07-2010Proposals invited for Inspire award : 2010 - 2011
06-07-2010Ernakulam Revenue Distirct : Name of Inspire Award winners for the year 2009-2010
04-07-2010Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala (SPARK) EMPLOYEE DATA SHEET
03-07-2010Election for Sub district & District Sports Secretaries for the current accademic year
02-07-2010Teachers engaged in Enumeration/Census duty etc - Treating of the period as duty sanctioned
02-07-2010DPI Circular about Prof. Joseph Mundassery memorial Literature award 2009 - Inviting articles from teachers
01-07-2010Higher Secondary Education : Purchase of A3 Printers for the implementation of SPARK
01-07-2010School Management and Development committee formation in all Schools
01-07-2010Scholarship to Muslim/Nadar Girl Students in UP & HS Classes - Enhancement of the Scholarship amount and Parental Income
01-07-2010Scholarship to Muslim/Nadar Girls students
01-07-2010Muslim/Nadar/ Anglo indian/OBC Girls Scholarship : A correction & Clarification in the above circular
01-07-2010Circular about the Scholarship of Muslim /Nadar /OBC/Anglo indian girls (BPL) for 2010-11 (previous)
01-07-2010GO about the Muslim-Nadar-Anglo Indian-OBC Scholarship (previous)
01-07-2010DPI Circular about Muslim/Nadar/Anglo-Indian/OBC/LSS/USS/National Scholarships 2009-2010(previous)
30-06-2010Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education - for SC/ST students in Standard IX - Proforma
29-06-2010SSLC March 2010 - Revaluation Result - New Scheme (II nd Spell) - (Click here for I spell result)
29-06-2010Purchase of IXth Standard Hand books by Using Special fees
29-06-2010Admission/Examination in Govt. recognised schools-Time limit extension-Order
29-06-2010Proforma for Collecting the number of students in minority schools (Form-2)
29-06-2010Ernakulam DEO circular about State level Vidyaramgam Reading Competition
29-06-2010High School Teachers/Teacher Trainers attending
30 days Teacher Development Programme in ELT, Banglore
28-06-2010Government Assistance for Pre-Primary employees -Order
28-06-2010Circular about TPFP (Total Physical Fitness Programme) for the accademic year 2010-2011
28-06-2010GO about Waiting for posting; Instructions to avoid delay in giving posting orders
28-06-2010Ernakulam : One day Verification 2010-11 - Name of selected teachers & Training Centers
28-06-2010DPI Circular : Clarification of above Circular About Green Gram distribution in Noon meal Program
28-06-2010DPI Circular about Noon Feeding program for the year 2010-2011 - Instructions (Previous)
28-06-2010DPI Circular on NOON FEEDING program in Govt/Aided Schools (Previous)
27-06-2010Ernakulam Revenue District: LSS Scholarship result announced
27-06-2010Ernakulam Revenue District: USS Scholarship result announced
25-06-2010Ernakulam DEO : Collection and remittance of Festival fund & Athletic Fund 2010-11
25-06-2010EKM DEO : Proforma for the workshop at Artistic, Edappally on 29/6/2010, 10 am (below 75% Result in SSLC-March 2010)
25-06-2010DPI Cirular published about the State School Work Experience Club & Download Details
25-06-2010Student Police Cadet wing : - Implementation in Schools
24-06-20103 KVA Online UPS installation (Prepared by Mathayi, MT, Kasargode)
23-06-2010GO about Leave Without Allowance - service book enclosing reg
23-06-2010GO about Leave Without Allowance taken for teacher training purpose
23-06-2010Application form & directions about the Teachers Award 2010-11
23-06-2010GO about the implementaion of Student Police Cadet wing in Schools
23-06-2010Revision of the prices of the Teachers Day stamps, coupns & car stickers sanctioned
23-06-2010Proforma for Renewal of National Scholarship for talentd Children from Rural Areas 2010-11
22-06-2010Circular - IED & IEDSS -Medical Assessment Camp -2010-11
22-06-2010Ernakulam District TTC Admission : Directions & list of students
21-06-2010DPI Circular about Energy Management : to reduce the misuse of energy
21-06-2010Muslim/Nadar/ Anglo indian/OBC Girls Scholarship : A correction & Clarification in the above circular
21-06-2010June 19-25 "Vayanaavaram" - Celebration for the promotion of reading habit
21-06-2010DPI Circular about the Subscription of Thalir Magazine
21-06-2010Proforma for the details of Group Insurance (GIS) Accounts of Employees
20-06-2010Government Order about the Termination of shift arrangements in Schools
18-06-2010Issued orders in respect of merging Personal Pay and Stagnation Increments with the pay
18-06-2010DPI Circular & EKM DEO Circular: Purchase of Two specified Library books for Govt/Aided Schools
18-06-2010DPI Circular about the indent of Text books and directions for problem solving
17-06-2010HSE Admission : GO about the Special notification for the SC/ST new application & Sports Quota Admission
17-06-2010Higher Secondary admission : GO about the School transfer
17-06-2010GO about Higher Secondary Admission for CWSN students & age limit to the Admission
17-06-2010National means-cum-merit scholarship 2010-2011 - NMMS Selection List 2009
17-06-2010EKM DEO : Format for National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme - 8th NOVEMBER 2009 Exam Student details
17-06-2010EKM DEO Circular about the ban of Mobile Phone & formation of Surprise Inspection Squad
17-06-2010General Education Circular about the ban of Mobile Phones in School - Strict Instructions issued
16-06-2010An important circular on Textbooks by DPI - Proforma (PDF) - Proforma (Excel)
15-06-2010Pre-Matric Sholarship for the year 2010-11 Notification - Application Form
15-06-2010Government have issued further instructions in respect of furnishing applications for HBA 2010-11
13-06-2010A Handbook for HSS Principals by SIEMAT
10-06-2010Area notification of Un-Aided schools - Notification - Erratum Notification
10-06-2010Pre-primary teachers' training
10-06-2010SET 2010 Answer Keys
10-06-2010An oath on CHILD LABOUR to be taken on school assembly on 11/06/2010
09-06-2010Leave Without Allowance under Appendix XIIA; restrictions imposed
09-06-2010General Education – Inviting applications for permission to start Higher Secondary Courses in Govt./Aided High Schools
08-06-2010SSLC Revaluation Results 2010 Published
07-06-2010DPI Circular: organisation of Vidyarangam Kala Sahithya vedi in Schools
06-06-2010DPI Circular: Vidyarangam Kala Sahithya vedi arranged Competitions for teachers
03-06-2010Protected Teacher's List(All Districts)
03-06-2010SSLC SAY Results
03-06-2010Sixth Working Day Strength Form
03-06-2010Vayanadinam Quiz Competition
03-06-2010Reading competition-State Library Council
01-06-2010Circular for setting up of a committee to monitor Textbook distribution
31-05-2010Census - 2011: Appointment of MT, Supervisors and Eumerators & their relief from other duty during Training/Houselisting
30-05-2010RMSA Proforma (6 Proformas included in a Zip file)about Infrastructure, Teachers, Students, Grants etc
29-05-2010Furnish the statement in duplicate showing the amount required for sanctioning Mosquito Net Advance and Bicycle
29-05-2010HBA 2010-11; instructions regarding furnishing application for HBA application
29-05-2010HBA; Allotment to all the eligible applicants included in the list for 2009-10
28-05-2010DPI Circular : Hantex offers 5% handling charge in addition to Govt Rebate
27-05-2010EKM DEO Circular : Providing of sufficient toilets & urinals and drinking water in schools – scrupulous compliance
27-05-2010Circular about the data collection of the number of toilets and urinals in school - Sample Proforma
25-05-2010Transfer and postings of Heads of Departmental high schools and Asst. Edn.Officers
25-05-2010Promotion and postings of HSAs in the cadre of HMs and AEOs
25-05-2010Plus one Admission : Data Verification details of application form which submitted for HSS Admission
25-05-2010Plus one Admission : Government order about the bonus point for Swimming
25-05-2010Safety of School buildings - Ensuring safe Physical Enivironment in School
23-05-2010Ernakulam DDE: Provisional Seniority List of PD Teachers Eligible for Promotion as HSA: Circular - List - Subject wise
23-05-2010Ernakulam Revenue District : Transfer & Promotion of Primary Teachers(Zip file)
22-05-2010Updating of Master data of Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) as per Circular No : 40/2010 - Proforma in Excel format
22-05-2010Circular about Kerala State School syllabus - text book prices for 2010-'11
21-05-2010Single Window Admission 2010 - Proposal of equating CBSE Grades with those of SSLC approved
21-05-2010Circular -Service Book Entry of Govt. and Aided School employee's Leave application
21-05-2010Manpower details for the year 2009-10 in Gen Edn Dept before the Newly Constituted Pay Commission
20-05-20101000 books for 1000 Schools - Circular : List of schools - Selected books - Essential books - Exhihibition centres
20-05-2010Order to admit students from unrecognised schools
14-05-2010Re-admission to KASEPF
14-05-2010Clarification on English medium parallel division in schools
14-05-2010The period of age exemption by educational officers changed
12-05-2010State School wise Plus Two Result
12-05-2010Circular on teaching ICT Textbook in standard 8
12-05-2010Proforma about the number of Dropped out students 2009-'10 - proforma in excel
11-05-2010The afforestion program - Ente Maram Padhathi - Instructions for implementation - proforma in excel & in PDF
11-05-2010DPI Circular about Pre Monsoon Sanitation campaign
10-05-2010Result Notification of Departmental Test January -2010 - Click here to check result
09-05-2010Proforma about the facilities of Govt/Aided Schools -- proforma in Word Document
06-05-2010Circular and Detais about ICT Trainings this year by IT school
05-05-2010THSLC,THSLC(Special),SSLC(Hearing Impaired) "SAY" Examination-May 2010
05-05-2010SSLC Say Exam - 2010 : Examination Centers
05-05-2010SSLC Say Exam - 2010 : Govt. Notification
05-05-2010S.S.L.C Results & number of Candidates : data collection from 2003 to 2010 -- proforma in word document
05-05-2010Proforma about SSLC Recoupment upto 2007 -- proforma in Excel Document
04-05-2010Circular about the Scholarship of Muslim/Nadar/OBC/Anglo indian girls who are in BPL category for 2010-11
03-05-2010SSLC Say Exam - 2010 : Govt. Order
30-04-2010List of HMs and AEOs willing to work as HSS Principals
30-04-2010Proposals invited for school mapping from agencies
30-04-2010Linux tips from Kasargod
28-04-2010Appointment of teachers in Panchayath Schools which is undertaken by Government
28-04-2010Sanctioning of HM(HG) to HS HMs, who had enjoyed notional fixation in the post of HSA Senior/Selection Grade
28-04-2010KSR - Enhancement of Child Adoption Leave up to 180 Days - Orders issued
28-04-2010Non-refundable withdrawal from the GPF for the purchase of Motor Car and Motor cycle-Basic pay limit-Revised
25-04-2010New ICT Textbook for class 8
23-04-2010ADPI, DDs,DEOs transfer and promotion
22-04-2010A Linux helpfile on multimedia from Hakeem master, Malappuram
22-04-2010PTSB account for all Pensioners
22-04-2010Loan amount for the marriage of class 4 employees increased
18-04-2010RMSA : Designating Deputy Directors of Education as District Project Officers
17-04-2010Frequently Asked Questions on CENSUS from Malappuram School News
16-04-2010SSLC IED Examination Timetable
14-04-2010Are you an Invigilator or Supervisor of census 2010? this file from Malappuram will help you!
13-04-2010Application for office initialisation SPARK
13-04-2010EKM DEO Circular : Jeevan Raksha Award is offered to the best JRC cadet from Revenue district- Applications invited
13-04-2010SSLC - 2010 Conduct of Practical Examination for IED Students on Vocational subjects
13-04-2010Treasury Fixed Deposits; rates of interest enhanced
11-04-2010Notification of Departmental Test, July 2010
10-04-2010EKM DEO Circular : Directions about the Premetic Scholarship distribution & List of Beneficiaries
08-04-2010Aided Higher Secondary Schools- Non teaching staff (Lab Attenders) vacation, Non vacation- clarification – issued
06-04-2010Proforma details called for National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship 2009-10
06-04-2010Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation Scholarship for Physically challenged HSS Students
05-04-2010EKM DDE Circular about Census Duty
01-04-2010Inter District Transfer-compassionate ground CIRCULAR
01-04-2010Inter District Transfer-Priority List of Teachers on compassionate ground
01-04-2010SSLC 2010 Duty of the Camp Officers
01-04-2010Annual exam Timetable for Muslim Schools
01-04-2010National Means cum Merit Scholarship List
30-03-2010Protection of teachers and teachers facing reversion to lower posts
30-03-2010DPI Circular (Urgent) about Fire and safety Measures installation in Schools
30-03-2010Re-introduction of HBA to Govt Employees And Teachers - Department wise allotment issued-Clarification
30-03-2010Application form for the Marginal Increase of seats for Higher Secondary Admission- 2010
28-03-2010Notification from the 9th Pay Commission (Malayalam)
28-03-2010Questionnaire for next Pay Commission
28-03-2010Proforma to be filled in and furnished by the Head(s) of Departments along with the answered questionnaire
28-03-2010Transfer & Posting Principals in Govt. HSS
28-03-2010Promotion & Posting Principals in Govt. HSS
26-03-2010Order - Remuneration of the scribe for helping the children with special needs in Public Examinations
25-03-2010SSLC March 2010- Examination center for Vocational subjects for IED
25-03-2010Proceedings under IED Scheme (Zip file)
25-03-2010Public Holidys for the Calender year 2010
25-03-2010Wanted Camera man & Camera Asst. for ViCTERS Channel
23-03-2010Govt. order making physical education as curricular subject
23-03-2010Notice for learning Russian Language in vacation time
23-03-2010List of 302 schools considering for central aid for infrastructure evelopment
20-03-2010Allotment of Contingency fee for conducting SSLC Examination
20-03-2010Bharath Scouts & Guides - Utilization of Special fee funds & Allied Matters
20-03-2010Implementation of FOUR PLUS CAMPAIGN-2010 in Kerala
19-03-2010Early disbursement of March Salary order
19-03-2010GO about the Muslim-Nadar-Anglo Indian-OBC Scholarship
18-03-2010Employees should donate their one day salary to EMS Housing Scheme
18-03-2010EKM DDE Circular : Taekwondo Training Programme for Physical Education Teachers
17-03-2010No cutting of Loan, Advance etc. from April Salary GO 106/2010
15-03-2010All matters about SET Exam to be held at June 6
12-03-2010SSLC Examination March 2010 Concession to students under IEDC - Order - Additional list no. III & corrections
12-03-2010SSLC Examination March 2010 Concession to students under IEDC - Order - Additional list no. II & corrections
12-03-2010Format of the receipt to be produced at the time of ICT Distribution (2 copies): PDF format - Writer format
11-03-2010SSLC Examination, March 2010 – Despatch of Answer Scripts
11-03-2010Appln form for Screening Test of Inculcate Scholarship 2010-11 for the students of Std VII
10-03-2010DPI Circular with LP-UP Evaluation time table
10-03-2010IT@School Victers - RFP for educational and edutainment videos - last date of submission- 31st March 2010
10-03-2010Revised rates order by DPI of hardware equipments to be bought in schools
10-03-2010Some Frequently Asked Questions on SPARK
09-03-2010Vazhivettom- A Hand Book on Management Training for Supervisory Staff and Clerks
09-03-2010SSLC IT Practical Exam March 2010 Gulf Duty Gen Edn
09-03-2010SSLC Exam March 2010 Lakshadeep Duty Gen Edn
08-03-2010SSLC Examination 2010 Statement - School list
08-03-2010Circular about Grace Mark award for SSLC Examination-2010
08-03-2010Circular - Promotion of Teachers, Ernakulam DDE
08-03-2010State Level NTSE Results
08-03-2010USS Scholarship Results - Ernakulam District
03-03-2010Enhanced the quantity of rice and greengrams for the Noon Meal Program in Schools
01-03-2010Setting up of Mathematics Laboratary in Schools
01-03-2010HBA - Combined State Wise Eligibility List Published
28-02-2010Circular-SITC Remuneration(09-10) & proforma
27-02-2010Library books to Schools as per 12th Finance Commision Grant- List of Schools
24-02-2010SSLC Examination March 2010 Concession to students under IEDC - Download Circular - List of Students
24-02-2010Prematric Scholarship 2009-2010 - Fresh List - Renewal List
23-02-2010Recognition of 'Siksha Visarad' title awarded by Hindi Sahithya Sammelan
23-02-2010One day Orientation Programme to Parent of children with special needs
22-02-2010Pay revision-Terms of reference
19-02-2010Text Book intent - DPI Circular
19-02-2010Text Book intent - format
17-02-2010Time table for Std VIII & IX (annual examination 2009-2010)
17-02-2010EKM DDE Circular about District Digital Film Festival- Online Registration
17-02-2010EKM DDE: Proforma for Census 2011 (Staff list as on 01-12-09)
16-02-2010SSLC Examination March 2010 - Printout of ICR Forms
16-02-2010Circular - SSLC IT Practical Examination 2010
16-02-2010Earned leave surrender in the summer vacation - GO No 4013/2005/G.Edn Dt 30-7-2009
16-02-2010Teacher training during summer vacation crediting of earned leave G.O(Rt)No.4013/2005/G.Edn Dt 12-8-2005
16-02-2010Marriage Registration, Circulars and application form for download
12-02-2010Income Tax finder for 2009-'10 (Prepared by V.K.Muraleedharan,Sree Neelakanta Govt.Sanskrit College, Pattambi)
12-02-2010Income Tax form no.16 AA
12-02-2010Project Implementation-Directions from SSA
11-02-2010Enhanced the period of Child Adoption Leave to 180 days
11-02-2010DDE Circular about free and Compulsary education-2009-'10; data collection
11-02-2010DPI Circular: Right of children for free and compulsory Education - Circular (Click here) & Proforma (Click here)
10-02-2010Ernakulam DDE circular about District school digital Film Festival (on Feb 23,24,25)
10-02-2010General Education Circular: Aided School-Claim under Rule 51A Chapter XIV - Clarification
10-02-2010RMSA: OPERA web browser needed for doing in Linux
10-02-2010RMSA a helpfile as presentation
08-02-2010RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamic Siksha Abhiyan) - Online Data Capturing - instuctions
08-02-2010RMSA: Data Capturing format
08-02-2010RMSA: List of Schools for School Mapping
08-02-2010RMSA: School Mapping Instructions
07-02-2010RMSA : Composition of School Management & Development committee and Directions of opening Bank Account
05-02-2010IT Training for Principals and teachers of Govt & Aided Higher Secondary Schools
05-02-2010Ernakulam DEO: Proforma for Inspire Award
05-02-2010DPI Circular - Annual advance Summer Coaching Camp for sports - April 2010
04-02-2010SSLC Mathematics Help file: Niravu (Prepared by Idukki Diet)
03-02-2010SSLC Model IT Practical Examination- 2010 (Model Questions) Malayalam
03-02-2010SSLC Model IT Practical Examination- 2010 (Model Questions) English
03-02-2010Plus One Admission: Norms prescribed for relaxation of age limit
02-02-2010EKM Diet Circular : Directions for the Mikavu Presentation in Fifth Cluster
02-02-2010Payment of salary to supernumerary staff
01-02-2010Proforma of available urinals and toilets in schools (For data collection)
01-02-2010DPI: Circular-Inspire Award for students who performs in science subjects (Std VI to X)
31-01-2010Circular about SSLC Model IT Practical Examination
31-01-2010Circular about IT practical Examination in Std VIII & IX
30-01-2010Instructins for conducting USS Examination
30-01-2010B.Ed Course 2010-'11 Selection of candidates under Departmental Quota - Circular and Application Form
27-01-2010Circular about SSLC Model IT Practical Examination
27-01-2010Sub: Writ petition and W.As challenging G.O(P) Nos.169/04/G.Edn Dated: 15/O6/O4 and 104/08/G.Edn.
27-01-2010Absorption of protected teachers-Further Clarifications issued
27-01-2010Speed y and transpent movement on files in the offices under General Education Department
27-01-2010SSLC as minimum qualification for the teaching posts in primary schools in the state
27-01-2010Qualificatin for the post of HSA(Physical Science) Modified
27-01-2010Teaching Staff-Junior senior Anomaly in Pay Fixation-Modifeid instruction
27-01-2010Student Teacher Ratio 1:40- Clarifications - Issued
26-01-2010Circular about SSLC CE Marks Data Entry & Uploading
25-01-2010Installation of CE Software (without network)
24-01-2010citizen chart for education Department
22-01-2010State IT Mela 2010 (Full result with Grades)
21-01-2010Circular about ICR forms for SSLC Examination
21-01-2010Income Tax Deduction from Salaries;for the year 2009-2010
20-01-2010Time Table for SSLC Model Examination-2010
20-01-2010Vidya Rangam Kala Sahithya vedi - Literary Work shop for Teachers
20-01-2010G. V. Raja Sports School ,Kannur Sports Division - Admission to Standard VIII: Applications Invited
19-01-2010Service test exemption of aided school clerks for grade and promotion who joined before 2006
19-01-2010SPARK, An easy way to install Demo offline in Windows and running in Linux
18-01-2010State IT Fest Programs(2010 Jan 20,21)Techno Park,Trivandrum
18-01-2010HBA; further clarifications
18-01-2010Higher Secondary Exam Notificaton 2010
18-01-2010Advantages of Spark Implimentation in offices-A review
18-01-2010Spark online feed back- New Directions
17-01-2010Spark online feed back- How?
17-01-2010Spark Training in offline mode-User Manual
17-01-2010Special School Kalolsavam 2009-'10 Directions, Items & Entry form
14-01-2010Solar Eclipse using K-Star software..Details
13-01-2010Appointment in Additional Division - Ban removed
12-01-2010SSLC-2010 CE Monitoring : DPI Circular & Proforma 1 & 2
12-01-2010DPI Circular about CE Mark publishing
10-01-2010TTC Examination 2010 - Notification
09-01-2010Consolidated statement of employees due to retire from service on 31/03 every year
08-01-20105 Kg Special rice distribution for the New Year Season
07-01-2010FullTime Benifit to Part Time Special Teachers
07-01-2010LSG Schools to Govt.Schools
05-01-2010DPI Circular for 50th School Kalolsavam, Kozhikkode - events, evaluation & instruction - reg
03-01-2010Heritage Award for Schools
02-01-2010SSLC duty in Gulf and Lakshadweep Circular
02-01-2010SSLC duty in Gulf and Lakshadweep application form
02-01-2010Maternity Leave to FM Officers Who join another post B4 Expiry of the Leave Sanctd in the former post
01-01-2010Confidential report of HSAs Details
01-01-2010Confidential report of HSAs Circular
31-12-2009Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Examination-2010
31-12-2009KSR Vol.I - 7th Edition
31-12-2009Instructions to file Annual Property Statement -Online (Internet) for Employees Other than AIS Officers - reg.
30-12-2009Kerala State Level Work Experiance Fair 2009-'10 (All Results) UP Level HS Level HSS Level
28-12-2009Kerala State Science-Wex-Social science-Maths Fair Competitions (When&Where)
28-12-2009Higher Secondary School change -Reimbursement of PTA Fund
26-12-2009Kerala State Science-Wex-Social science-Maths Fair -(Thrissur) Program Notice
26-12-2009Kerala State School Kalolsavam-2010(Kozhikode) Items, Stages, Contanct numbers
26-12-2009Ernkulam DEO: 4thStage of Teachers' Empowerment Program (When & where)(Cluster Centers)
26-12-2009Departmental Test (Jan 2010)- Time table
24-12-2009Provisional Seniority List of HSAs From 1/1/91 to 31/12/96
24-12-2009Application invited for Fin. Aid in purchase of sports goods in Govt,/Aided schools
24-12-2009Power of sanctioning GPF TA and NRA to Primary HMs restored GO(P)No:570/2009 G.Edn
23-12-2009Alteration power of AEO/DEO in Date of birth etc: GO(P)No:215/2009 G.Edn
23-12-2009Ernakulam DEO Circular: Actual No of students SSLC-2010 reg. : Entry form Download Word file
21-12-2009Aided Higher Secondary Teacher Appointment-Regional DDs forbid from attending selection Committee Meetings
20-12-2009Permission to use Computer / Laptop for I.E.D students
19-12-2009Form No.15 in KSRs for new recruits Form No.15 (Specimen)
18-12-2009SSLC Valuation Application Form & Circular
17-12-2009Teachers' Empowerment Program - DPI Circular
15-12-2009Early disbursal of salary due to Xmas
15-12-2009Details of Protected Teachers in kerala - 2009-10 (District wise)
13-12-2009Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme; Clarifications
11-12-2009IEDSS 2009-'10 Financial Assistance to children with Special Needs (CWSN)
11-12-2009EKM District Sanitation Samithi - School level Competitions
11-12-2009Special schools(Govt&Aided) Enhancement of the Boarding & Dress Allowance
08-12-2009School Wiki Editing - Circular
05-12-2009Re-introduction of HBA to Government Employees and Teachers Awareness Section - Reg
05-12-2009Ernakulam Revenue District IT,Science,Social,Maths,Work experience Fair(When & where ?)
03-12-2009Staff statement of schools under Ernakulam DDE
03-12-2009Regularisation of Panchayat School Teachers
03-12-2009Disaster Management Committee formation in schools
02-12-2009Ernakulam Revenue District Fair - Entry Forms (Maths, IT, Science)
01-12-2009Electrification in class rooms under ICT Scheme for Govt.Schools- Circular
01-12-2009District & State IT Fair - DPI Circular
01-12-2009Teacher's approach to students
30-11-2009Oath to be sworn in schools on 1-12-2009
30-11-2009Disaster Management Programme in Schools- (EKM DDE Circular)
29-11-2009SSLC Book Date of birth correction Application Form (Wanted by Amjad)
28-11-2009IT Enabled work physics - radio activity
28-11-2009Physics IT enabled text-static electricity
27-11-2009Dr.Manmohan Sigh Scholarship for PG holders - Application form & Details
21-11-2009Edusoft Softwares - A help file in Malayalam
21-11-2009Service reckoning for Pension GO(P) No.517/09
20-11-2009Vypin Sub-District Youth Festival Full Results Zip File
19-11-2009Early Disbursement of Salary and Pension in Connection with Bakrid Festival
19-11-2009DA and DR increased by 9%; orders issued
18-11-2009Ban of Study materials in Schools
18-11-2009Fire and safety Measures installation in Schols
17-11-2009Renewal of personal accident scheme
17-11-2009Placement of teachers in model residential school
16-11-2009SSLC Forms for IED Students-Zip file
16-11-2009IT School - Pouravakasarekha
13-11-2009IT Scheme of Work for class X
12-11-2009House Building Advance scheme to Government Employees reintroduced
12-11-2009Grade soft-2009 - upto 65 students
10-11-200953rd KERALA STATE SCHOOL GAMES Entry Form for Games
10-11-2009Safety Measures in School Campus - Circular
10-11-2009Thelima- A Hand Book for Health Education
07-11-2009Application form for the Appointment of Chief Superintendent
07-11-2009Manual for Science&Mathematics Fair 2009-10
07-11-2009Manual for Sports and Athletic meet 2009-10
06-11-2009Result & Tabulation sheets for Maths Fair 2009-10
06-11-2009Revison of rates of BSNL Landline connections to HSE & VHSE
06-11-2009IT Enabled Education-DPI Circular
06-11-2009Higher Secondary Exam Notification-2010 (PDF File)
05-11-2009Ernakulam DEO: Teacher Empowerment Program - IIndspell
05-11-2009DPI-Circular Empowerment program postponed in Constituencies where elections to be held
05-11-2009ICT Insurance related details and claim form
03-11-2009Soft Grade-2009 : A Spread Sheet Program for finding the Grade(Updated)
03-11-2009Pledge about the prevention of Elephantiasis
03-11-2009North Zone: Mid Term Answer Key
03-11-2009South Zone: Mid Term Answer Key
03-11-2009Noon Meal Program: Incresed the minimum wages of cook in school
02-11-2009Cancellation of earlier order regarding salary through ATM
30-10-2009OSS List for Ernakulam, Aluva,Kothamangalam & Moovattupuzha
30-10-20092010 SSLC-A list Software-Guidelines
30-10-2009SSLC A List Software- How to run (Presentation File)
30-10-2009Ernakulam DDE Circular about Adalath
30-10-2009PTA General Rules
29-10-2009Maths Teachers empowerment Program-IInd Phase Training Module
28-10-2009English Club Competition – Venues
27-10-2009Circular for Educational Sub District IT Fest
27-10-2009SSLC Examination March 2010-Concession to CWSN students
26-10-2009ENGLISH Club Competition for EKM,THR,PKD & MPM
26-10-2009Scholarships for Physically & Mentally Challenged
25-10-2009Departmental Test: Application form for Certificate
25-10-2009Departmental Test: A brief summary
24-10-2009Classification of State Govt Employees as Group A, B, C and D
21-10-2009Dress code of teachers in schools(Old Circular 04.02.2008)
20-10-2009Ernakulam DEO Pre-matric Scholarship Beneficiaries list 2008-2009
20-10-2009Ernakulam DEO - Send a report about unrecognized schools
20-10-2009Enhancement of Daily Wages to Employees
20-10-2009School Kalolsava Manual - 2008
18-10-2009List of important Registers and Records to be maintained in High schools
18-10-2009National Population Register - Service of teachers as enumerators
18-10-2009IT Education in Schools - Important Circulars & Stock Register
17-10-2009SPARK Form for Data entry
16-10-2009General Provident Fund - Temporary withdrawals from GPF-Marking of copy to the AG (A&E)(14-09-2009)
16-10-2009TTC Result-2009
16-10-2009Modification to Rule 28A of Part I, KSR- Fixation of pay - Option - Instructions issued
15-10-2009Dirctions & Instructions for Teachers & staffs in School administration - DPI Circular
15-10-2009SSLC Revaluation third spell results
15-10-2009Transfer and Postings of HMs and AEOs, DPI's Order
14-10-2009Circular for ICT Scheme Aided HS
14-10-2009Circular for ICT Scheme Aided HSS & VHSE
14-10-2009Circular for ICT Scheme Govt. HSS & VHSE
13-10-2009Departmental Test ,January 2010 (Notification)
13-10-2009Departmental Test-Fees Enhancement
13-10-2009EKM Dt C.V Raman Essay Competition & Science Congress
12-10-2009Latest Circular on ICT Scheme for Government Schools
12-10-2009Disbursement of Salary through Banks- Latest Order from Finance Dept.
10-10-2009Reg no of candidates)
10-10-2009IEDSS to CWSN
08-10-2009Half Yearly Examination-DPI Circular with REVISED HS Timetable
08-10-2009School Kalolsavam 2009-'10 (Directions for Software usage)
08-10-2009School Kalolsavam 2009-'10 (Application for Registration
07-10-2009Proforma 1 for SC-ST Girls Scholoship of STD IX -2009-10 (EKM - DEO)
07-10-2009Work Experience Fest (Primary Section Items
06-10-2009What are the Scholarships and Stipends available for our Students
05-10-2009Circulars, Pledge and Scholarship forms (Ernakulam DEO
04-10-2009Notification for SSLC Examination 2010 March
04-10-2009Notification for USS Examination 2010
04-10-2009Notification for LSS Examination 2010
04-10-2009Special Rice Transportation charge
04-10-2009Time table for LP-UP Mid Term Exam (Draft)
02-10-2009Leave Surrender Order Latest
02-10-2009Treasury Fixed Deposits; rates of interest revised
01-10-2009Laptop Usage in schools CIRCULAR
01-10-2009IT Half Yearly Examination CIRCULAR
01-10-2009IED CIRCULAR
30-09-2009Ernakulam DEO Collect Scholarship
30-09-2009Ernakulam DEO Painting Competition
30-09-2009TPFP-Corrections for solving age problem in Windows Read m
29-09-2009TPFP-Corrections for solving age problem in Windows Read me (Help File
28-09-2009Enhancement of Maternity Leave; Extending the benefit to newly recruited female employees
28-09-2009Enhancement of Maternity Leave upto 180 days (Dated: 1-4-2009)
28-09-2009Wild Animals week-Painting Competitio
26-09-2009World habitat day on 05-10-09 - Essay competition for HS students By Kerala State Housing Board
22-09-2009VENUE of IT Forum meetings to be held on 24th- ERNAKULAM
20-09-2009Kalolsavam 2009-2010 (Data Entry in Free software) (DPI Circular)
19-09-2009Mathematics Olympiad Brochure 2009/2010
18-09-2009Software Freedom Day - Instructions UPDATED
18-09-2009Crediting of DA Arrears to PF Accounts; Time limit extended
18-09-2009Scheme for Infrastructure Development Private Aided/Unaided Minority Institutes(IDMI)
18-09-2009Central Sponcered Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madarasa(SPQEM)
17-09-2009Text Book indent forms Download
16-09-2009Ramzan 2009; Early disbursement of pay and allowances of Muslim Employees
15-09-2009Ernakulam DSMA Mathematics Action Plan 2009-'10
14-09-2009Ernakulam Revenue District Adhalath at DDE (on 8-10-'09)
10-09-2009G.O regarding sanctioning of Unrecognised School Students to study in Govt/Aided Schools
30-08-2009Enhancement of daily wages to various employees
28-08-2009Festival Allowance for Cook in Schools
26-08-2009Prohibition of collection of funds through school students
26-08-2009Staff Fixation 2009: Teacher-Student ratio 1:40
25-08-2009Government sites should be prepared in Malayalam
23-08-2009School Kalolsavam Manual-2008
20-08-2009The Window - Presentation File (For Cluster display)
18-08-2009ICT Installation Certificate(Take two copy
19-08-2009Scholarship for the students whose parents are working in the Cleaning Section
18-08-2009"Velicham" - A Book for the parents of Children with Special Needs
14-08-2009Onam Advance-346/2009 fin dt 14-8-2009
14-08-2009Onam Advance to Part time Employees
14-08-2009Mobile Ban - Directions
14-08-2009BPL Survey Duty 2009 - Surrender Order
14-08-2009G.O. Bonus,Festival Allowance
13-08-2009GO for Early disbursement of Salar
09-08-2009Circular for Aided schools to join in ICT in HS, Aided HSS, Aided VHSE
04-08-2009Instructions for IT Corner activities in schools
04-08-2009Information Act - (Malayalam Version
04-08-2009Installation of Debian Gnu/Linux
04-08-2009Form & Instructions
04-08-2009National Talent Search Examination 2009-’10 –SCERT Kerala (Application Form)
04-08-2009Premetric Scholarship Form
04-08-2009Specimen Copy of Premetric Scholarship (Filled)
04-08-2009Premetric Scholarship (Directions)
16-07-2009Galileo little scientist-Students
16-07-2009Galileo little scientist-Hand book for Teachers
16-07-2009Year Plan for Std X
16-07-2009Year Plan for Std IX
16-07-2009Year Plan for Std VIII
06-07-2009Total Physical Fitness Programme
01-07-2009DA 10% G.O (P) No.211/2009
25-06-2009A malayalam help file for Dr.Geo
24-06-2009SSLC SAY RESULTS - 2009
22-06-2009IT Enabled Edn-2009: Maths, Physics, Chemistry
20-06-2009Rasmol - Chemistry Software in Linux Operating System
14-06-2009Flash Player for Linux


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